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Day 588 - 591: Olivas Adobe & Running

Olivas Adobe

Day #588 * Hike #687 * New Track #585
Monday June 25, 2012
Olivas Adobe - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 30 minutes * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

 School kids come here on field trips

 this was our self guided tour

 Four!  Look out for incoming golf balls

**This is not a recommended hike.  We were all bored so before sundown, we set off on another hike:

 Hike #688 - Pirate Ship Park

Good jogging route around the Park

This was a duplicate trail for me.  Located in Oxnard Shores next to Mandalay Bay, this park has an awesome playground for the kiddos.  As the kids played, Jess and I strolled around with Sammi.  Nice Beaches but as always, it was cold and windy!

Day #589 * Hike #689 * Duplicate
Tuesday June 26, 2012
Kimball Park - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 30 minutes * 2 Miles * +50 Feet

Happy Birthday Mom!  --  She turned 65 today!

With Alyssa's Club Soccer Tournament coming up in a couple of weeks, Jess and I decided to continue our running spree with her.  I was concerned that Alyssa would run a sub 7 minute mile as she has claimed to have done so in 5th grade.  That said, she's been quite lazy with a broken arm in these past few months so lets see what she has.

2.03.78 - I paced this first quarter mile with her.  Meanwhile, Jess ran ahead.  Where we she going at a faster pace than this?

2.18.68 - Alyssa slowed on the 2nd quarter but Jess continued to increase the distance

2.15.76 - Trying to find a steady pace for Alyssa, she complained that she could not breath

2.11.66 - We pushed the mile in 8.49.88

The goal was to complete the 1.25 mile distance but Alyssa fell completely winded.  We jogged, walked and sprinted the final quarter mile in 2.55.69 for a 11.45.57 total time.

Jess finished the run at least 2 minutes ahead of us.  She must have run a 7.30 mile or better.  After the run, we walked around for a bit but vowed to come back soon...

Day #590 * Hike #690 * Duplicate
Wednesday June 27, 2012
Buena High School - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 30 minutes * 1 Mile * +0 Feet

 Today I ran my signature race, the 800 meter.  When I was on the track team in high school, the first race that I ever ran was the 800.  Without proper training, I went out like a lightning bolt and took a commanding lead.  After 200 meters I began to feel winded but as I was turning to the stands I felt compelled to keep my stride.  It was a home meet and I heard familiar voices cheering me on.  I hit the 400 meter mark in about a minute but at the same time, I hit the wall.  My lead over the pack was nearly an entire stretch but as I hit the 600 meter mark, they all closed in.  One by one, by one, every single last competitor had passed me and by the time I reached the finish line, I could barely walk.  I finished that run in about 3 minutes.  To say the least, I had no clue of how to pace myself then.  Many years later, I clocked that same distance in 2:15 - not too shabby...

Today, at 220+ pounds, what will my old man legs do for me:

1.51.41 400 meter
1.31.08 800 meter for a 3.22.49

Heck, I'll take it.  I haven't opened my legs up like this in awhile and it felt great.  I even laced up my old track cleats.

Alyssa, Jess and I all paced the first lap together.  Crossing the finish line 2nd with a 1.43.35 2nd lap was Alyssa, who finished the 800m in 3.34.76.  Jess posted a 1.46.21 final lap to earn a 3.37.62 total time.  Not too far in the distance, Ayden completed the run in 4.01.89.

This was a great family outing and I hope to keep this going!  We walked an additional lap and around to complete the 1 mile duplicate hike minimum.  According to my rules, a hike is a hike, even if I run it!
Day #591 * Hike #691 * Duplicate
Thursday June 28, 2012
Kimball - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2 Miles * +50 Feet

Running week continues back at Kimball Park.  Today I set off to run a timed mile.  Alyssa and Jess would pace together in the rear for this one.

2.06.46 1/4 mile
2.06.74 1/2 mile
1.54.84 3/4 mile
1.43.21 Final 1/4 for a  7.51.25 Mile

Nothing spectacular but at least I'm under 8 minutes 

Alyssa and Jess clocked their mile in 9.22.88

...they continued to run to the quarter so I paced with them.  They could not run it under 2 minutes... 

After the run, we did some walking and then sprints.  Alyssa and Ayden jumped on the ripsticks and one of my blog followers spotted them.  How random!  I believe he said his name was Paul.  It was nice hearing him thank me for pointing out some good local hikes.  This has inspired me to make it easier to find local hikes on this blog.  Check the tab at the top to Find a Hike in your City.

More to come...

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  1. Hah! That was me and my family that saw you. It was nice to meet you guys. (i'm a little behind in reading your blog) We like to check out your blog for hike ideas every once in awhile. Keep up the great work!
    On another side random note - I too am from Cleveland and we moved to Ventura when I was 4. I'm a die-hard Browns, Cavs, Indians, OSU fan. Small world! (I noticed your cleveland shout-outs in your blog)
    See ya around
    - Paul




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