Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 607: Fairview Park - Santa Ana River Trail - Talbert Nature Preserve - Costa Mesa

The Stairs from Fairview Park to the Santa Ana River Area

Day #607 * Hike #709 * New Track #594
Saturday July 14, 2012
Fairview Park - Costa Mesa, CA
Santa Ana River Trail - Talbert Nature Preserve
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +100 Feet
 Fairview Park

From the Los Angeles Area, take the 405 South toward San Diego.  Just past Fountain Valley, take the Harbor Blvd exit in Costa Mesa and head south.  About a mile up you will reach Adams Ave. and turn right.  About a mile down Adams you will intersect Placentia Ave and turn left.  You will see Fairview Park on your right.

 Model Airplanes, Dirt Bikes & R.C.'s

We were early for Alyssa's soccer game which was down the street so we searched around and found this cool spot.  Ayden was a bit tired from his dive meet in Ventura earlier that morning but when he saw all the remote control action, he was down for a visit.

Jess dropped us off and now I had the task of hiking back to the soccer field.  Before we hiked any further, we hung out here for a good 30 minutes.  There is a model airplane field in the back and at one point, a plane nearly took out a hawk. 

The RC's were way cool.  Jumping, speeding, donuts, crashing[ it was fun to watch and I captured it on video.  Maybe I'll make something of it some day, but I have so much footage of so many things these days -- unless I quit my job --- ah, I'll stick to hiking...

 This Park is in the Process of Development

Currently there are many open space trails through the area but it appears that there will be some expansion.  For now, my goal was to hike across the dirt and find the Santa Ana River Trail...

 Great, which way do we go?

 Looks like we are on the right track

 Interesting down here

 Talbert Nature Preserve

 Made it to the Santa Ana River Trail

There were many ways to go to reach this spot and then once there, many more ways to trek along the river.  There were paths on each side and then more bike paths on top.  We searched in circles, reach dead ends and then retraced our steps.  We had to eventually cross the bridge behind us to get around it all...

 One of the Bike Paths

 At one point we were way down there!
The Adams Ave. Bridge
We initially walked under the bridge and crossed the "3-Mile" marker.  I can only assume this means three miles back to the Ocean.  I honestly hope to revisit this area someday and when I do, I will be bringing a bike.  The area is way cool!  Well, now that we got to Adams Ave, it's time to walk along the sidewalk back to the soccer fields.  Alyssa's comeback will soon begin.  Stay tuned...

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