Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Home Page

On November 16, 2010 I set out to Hike 1000 Trails in 1000 Days.  I started this Free Blog to keep track of my journey and I hope that you enjoy the adventure.  I’ve made it easy for you to Search for a Hike in Your Area.  Click on the Find a Local Hike tab to discover new adventures in your backyard.  You may also enter in keywords on the Search Tab found at the top of this page to find the trails that you are looking for.

  • Hike / [hahyk] verb,
    1. To go on an extended walk for pleasure or exercise.

How To Read This Blog
At the top of each blogpost you will see a Day #, Hike # and New Track #.  The Day # refers to how many days in a row I have hiked.  The Hike # refers to how many hikes I have taken since starting this adventure.  New Track # refers to how many New Locations I have trekked.  My goal is to reach 1000 different locations over a 1000 day period.  I will not miss a day, regardless of the weather or how ill I may feel.  Some days I will hike along familiar trails which I consider Duplicate Hikes.  Although these hikes count toward my Hike #, I will not be given credit for the New Track #.  Makes sense, right :)...

Hiking With for a Purpose
In March of 2011 I created the SEALtheBeach campaign to help protect the Pacific Harbor Seals in Carpinteria, California.   Though I have temporally suspended these efforts, my hope is to revisit the original plan to seek full time beach closure which will ensure year round safety at the sanctuary. 

Currently I am hiking to raise money for Pediatric Cancer.  Click the link below to learn how you can help...

Day #1000: Mt. Whitney
With the help from a buddy at work, I obtained Four Day Permits to Hike Mt. Whitney on Monday August 12, 2013.  This will be my Day #1000! 

Happy Trails,

Jeremy Jacobus
Cell: (805) 701-6123


  1. Great Page! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Your site is absolutely incredible! Thank you for all the attention to the details of each hike! Your blog is the only one I've ever looked at and has motivated me to do one. My wife and I love hiking and every time we post pictures on FB, everyone always asks where is this and great pics! So that said, I appreciate your blog, very cool indeed sir, very cool indeed! Best regards, Mike Parker :-)

  3. Thanks Mike. I don't look back much but when I do and see a comment like this, it really makes me feel good. My 1000 Day Adventure was amazing. Im not sure how I pulled it off but I am so glad that I remained committed. I miss it so much! Good Luck on your adventures. Happy Trails and take it all in, the experiences will be imprinted inside forever!

  4. Thank you for posting these hikes! I appreciate the way you note if it is ok for DOGS and KIDS, as I have some of those too!

  5. Love the blog. I read through all the hikes and it inspired me to do the same. I am currently on day 241 and just recently decided to put it all into my own blog. Its been a great time on the trail and I have plans for Whitney this summer. Now the giant task of catching up on 240 days of posts.

    1. is the link to my blog if you want to check it out




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