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Day 597: Will Rogers State Historic Park - Pacific Palisades - Inspiration Point - Backbone Trail - Betty Rogers Trail - Topanga State Park - July 4th!

Los Angeles from Will Rogers State Historic Park

Day #597 * Hike #697 * New Track #587
Wednesday July 4, 2012
Will Rogers State Historic Park - Pacific Palisades, CA
Inspiration Point Trail - Backbone Trail
Betty Rogers Trail - Topanga State Park
My Tripometer: 2 Hour * 3 Miles * +500 Feet
Happy Independence Day!
 Not so happy on the PCH

 Why are all Ferrari owners bald?

From the PCH in Malibu, continue heading south towards Santa Monica.  Turn left on Sunset Blvd and follow this for about 4 miles until you reach Will Rogers State Park Road.  Turn left and then follow the road to the end.  We were forced off Sunset and back to the PCH due to a 10k race.  It was a drag but we eventually made it.  At Will Rogers the attendant there wanted $12 for parking.  I don't think so.  We U-turned and drove about a quarter mile and parked on the nearest side street.  Problem resolved, free parking, lets begin...

 Hiking along the street

At the parking Kiosk you may ask the lady for a free map.  They also sell maps here so don't be coursed into buying one.  The free map works fine for this adventure.

 Welcome to Will Rogers!

 I'm heading up to Inspiration Point with the crew

Oops, Jess left something in the car so I ran back and got it.  This added about a half mile to my journey today.  After the parking kiosk you will see the Polo Fields on your right.  Turn left down this service road next to this flat green grass.  There is a stair case to the right and you can walk up it to begin the Inspiration Loop Trail.  However, we continued down this service road and at the end turned left to begin the loop from the other way.

 This also represents the beginning of the Backbone Trail

 Hike up from here

 The city of L.A. beyond the Polo Field

There is a cut through trail to the right.  There is no sign but I suggest taking it.

 Another Trail Junction.  Inspiration Point both ways, we go straight

The main trail goes left and straight shortly after the Inspiration Point Junction sign.  We went straight and just after the dirt service road was a single track trail heading lower.  Ayden and I decided to explore.
 This leads to Topanga State Park.  We turned around...

 Inspiration Point!

 Santa Monica at the horizon...

Cousin Marissa was desperately winded at this point but our hiking was far from over.  After a 20 minute rest up top, we continued following a single track trail lower...

 Going Down


The single track leads to T-Junction, another single track trail.  We turned right and this brought us back here:

 Marissa is frustrated!

Rather than turning back to the car, we turned right.  At the next junction, rather than keeping straight back up to Inspiration Point, we turn left to follow the road.  As expected, it lead us to the rear entrance ofTopanga State Park.  The main road went to the right but a single track trail begins to the left.  This is the official beginning of The Back Bone Trail.  If you're interested, you may hike it 67 miles all the way to Point Mugu.

 The Backbone Trailhead

 Along the Inspiration Loop, we are heading to that tree line...

 At the treeline, heading lower

 Almost back to the Polo Fields!

An accident on Sunset!
Honestly folks; How does this happen?  It's July 4th and our day is only beginning...

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