Friday, July 20, 2012

Published in the Camarillo Acorn & Mountain Lion Updates!

DAY 603—Jeremy Jacobus begins his hike at Valle Lindo Park in Camarillo on day 603 of what he plans to be 1,000 days of hiking. 
ELLIOT GOLAN/Acorn Newspapers

I made the paper today; Wahoo!  When you have a moment, click the link above to check it out

Mountain Lion Update...
On the very next day after posting Day 608: Mountain Lion Versus Coyote,  the video attached to my blogpost became the Home Page feature on Yahoo: Yahoo Mountain Lion Article

I did some more research and found a few other links if you are interested:
NBC Los Angeles
LA Times
ABC Local
Mission Viejo Patch
OC Register

Researching further I discovered a crazy Mountain Lion attack on this very same trail a few years ago: Mountain Lion Attack!

Now, I do plan to revisit this area next month when my daughter has another tournament out that way.  Should I avoid it?  --  Nah, I think I'll go out there and prowl for a Mountain Lion :)

**Hiking update, I just came back from a trail in Camarillo.  I probably won't get a chance to update this until after the weekend as I am still playing catchup.  I would like to vent that I bought a PUT Option on Thursday before the Friday expiration.  I do this from time to time and felt confident that the market was going to go down and as it turns out, I was right.  I narrowed it down to two choices, Chipotle (CMG) or Amazon (AMZN).  Both, in my opinion, are overpriced.  I decided to put my $250.00 bet on AMZN, hoping it would go down.  Unfortunately, the stock closed up for the day so I lost everything.  Meanwhile, CMG went down 90 points...  WHAT?!  Are you serious!!!  Unreal, my $250 would have been worth $16k+ --  I am sickened by it.  Anyhow... thanks for listening.  I will have more awesome hikes to report soon...

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