Monday, January 3, 2011


Miles: 3.25
Elevation Gain:  550 Feet
Time: 45 Minutes
Difficulty (1-10): 3
Reward (1-10): 4
Description: A rocky run behind the neighborhood.  Surprise, there's a lake and reservoir!
Where?: Westlake Village, CA
Directions: Exit the 101 at Westlake Blvd/23 South.  Turn left on Triunfo Canyon Road and turn right into the neighborhood on Highgate.  At the end of the road, park.  The trail begin on the other side of the gate.
**MY 50 DAY SUMMARY:  180.00 Miles  +27,175 Feet**
Las Virgenes Resevoir 

I'd like to say thanks to David from: 

His blog mentioned this hike a week ago and I had to check it out.  I had no map of this area and this trailhead is only about 10 minutes from my work.  Essentially, this open space begins where the Los Robles Trail Map ends.  Check out the map of the area: 

My wife instilled in my mind that I will be running the L.A. Marathon again this year.  Yeah, I don't know.  Maybe a half marathon but I don't have anything to prove by running another one.  Nevertheless, I'm picking up the pace.  Beyond the gate at the end of the road, I began to run with a smile.  About seven seconds later, I hit another gate; huh?  Where's the trail?  --I ran right past it, oops...  So, if you park on Highgate, pass the gate and begin walking up the cement road.  On the right you will notice a dirt path angling up.  So, I run, nice so far and then it gets steep, but only for a moment.  Ow, the trail is real rocky!  I keep going and I stuck to the trail on the left.  At the top of the next peak, the picture above can be seen.  Of course, this I thought was Lake Eleanor only to find out later it was the reservoir.  Let's continue.  Running down and then up and again and you are at the end.  About ten minutes or 1.25 miles across.

On the way back, I took the upper trail.  It parallels the trail you came in on, but the elevation gain is slightly more.  If I didn't take this trail, I would never have notice this:

Lake Eleanor

I thought I took a better picture of this but I guess the sun blinded me.  If you continue following the left trail (heading back) it will meet up with the main trail and then veer left again.  You will see the lake on your left and the reservoir on the right.  This link that I attached to this blog gives you a highlighted map to go 2.5 miles.  Well, I decided to increase that by exploring further.  You are given a great view of the Lake if you branch off to the left but watch your step, it is straight down and one wrong move...

Before heading back to the car, I found another offtrail to discover.  Ok, did that.  If I had more time, I may spend more time up here and, ok, maybe not.  I got the point.  Some nice views but more importantly, the weblink to this trail will guide me to another 10+ trails I never knew of.  David had it right, "Nobody hikes in LA", until now.  Now we know and I hope his list, mine and others help encourage you to get outdoors more.  It's worth it!     

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  1. Quite an accomplishment 50 days in a row. Keep up the good work!




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