Sunday, January 23, 2011


Running in circles on a high school track doesn't need to be boring.  If you keep your head up at Rio Mesa, across miles of farm fields and open space you will see the 5000+ foot lift of the Los Padres National Forest.  The track is usually clear of people and the only outside sound that you may hear is the <~cock-a-doodle-doo from a neighborhood rooster.

Directions: From the 101 Freeway heading North after Camarillo, exit on Central and turn right.  Follow Central for a few miles and after you pass Rose, the high school will be on your right.  Pass the school and turn into the fenced parking lot.  Usually the 2nd fence (Exit) is open.  Let's put it this way, I've never seen it locked!  Drive all the way to the back and the football field/track is wide open for anyone to run.  **If you are coming from the North in Ventura and heading south on the 101, exit Vineyard and turn left.  Turn left on Central about 1.5 miles down and the High School will be on your left.

I was in the mood to burn.  From my life experience, I found that the best way to actually lose weight and strengthen your entire body is to run you a$$ off!  Don't get me wrong, hiking is excellent, especially the way I do it by running up the hills and what not.  However, nothing compares to the final lap of a run.  No matter what distance you choose, 1 mile, 3 mile or 5 mile, leave it all out there on the track and your body will begin transformation mode.

My 3 mile goal is to run each mile at a 7 minute pace.  Well, I am 36 and it has been a long while since I really ran that way.  So for training, I decided to use the pyramid method.  Start off at a decent pace and then each lap slow it down a notch.  Then about halfway thru, gradually begin to increase your speed each lap.  Finally on the final lap really begin to open up your legs and then with about 200 meters left, just give it your all.

I followed this strategy for the most part but I hit the top of the pyramid one lap early and was somewhat cautious on the last lap.  It's not worth getting hurt.  Check out the splits:

Lap 1:   2.10.70
Lap 2:   2.10.11
Lap 3:   2.16.32
Lap 4:   2.19.65   Mile: 8.56.18
Lap 5:   2.30.24
Lap 6:   2.28.45
Lap 7:   2.19.22
Lap 8:   2.15.47   Mile: 9.33.38
Lap 9:   2.10.31
Lap 10: 2.05.34  
Lap 11: 2.03.85
Lap 12: 1.40.45   Mile: 7:59.95

3 Mile Run: 26.29.51

**MY 68 DAY SUMMARY:  239 Miles  +36,700 Feet**

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