Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today was about Alyssa.  Entering the Soccer Tournament in 3rd place with a 2-1-1 record, her Orange Strikers took on the North Oxnard squad.  At starting forward, she missed a couple of opportunities in the first quarter but ended the game with a hat trick; 3 goals and 1 key assist!  Her team improved to 3-1-1 with a 5-3 victory!

Although this was her only game for the day, it was a very hectic day for the wife and I.  Unfortunately, I can not share the experience with you but I was able to get some hiking in at Arroyo Verde Park.  From the 101 in Ventura, exit Victoria and drive North.  After the 126 freeway and all the shopping, turn left on Foothill.  The park is on the right at a traffic light with Day Rd. less than a half mile down.  This is Ventura's nicest park!  On the weekends, be prepared to pay at least $4.00 for parking...

From an Upper Trail overlooking the Park

The Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands are often crystal clear in the background but not everyday in California is going to be magnificent.  With the temperature around 70 and calm winds, a little haze is no big deal.  There are multiple trails wrapping around this canyon.  Today, I started up one of the back trails and began heading towards the bridge:

I completed one of the lower back loops but never reached this section today.  Later in the day I drove out of the park and then up Skyline to trek in from the top.  I touched a few trails today but only covered about 1.5 miles of dirt.  I hiked through Arroyo Verde on Day 11 when I hiked back from Two Trees:

I also hiked another stretch during one of my night hikes but today I did cover untouched trails to keep my streak alive at 69!  I will be back here at least a few more times before my 1000 days is up.  I plan to hike to the antennas that sit on a hill higher than two trees.  My son calls the area the "Radio Station".  For now, I encourage you to visit the area and explore.  There is a map on a board at the very front of the park.  These trails are great for running but they do get quite steep in places.  There is no waterfall or anything real cool, but there are many uncharted side trails to expand your curiosity...

**MY 69 DAY SUMMARY:  240.5 Miles  +37,000 Feet**

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