Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Miles: 1.25
Elevation Gain:  175 Feet
Time: 45 Minutes
Difficulty (1-10): 1
Reward (1-10): 1
Description: Walking above the backyards and into the hils
Where?: Newbury Park, CA
Directions: From the 101 Freeway in Newbury Park, exit Borchard and drive it all the way to the end in Dos Vientos.  Turn left at the light onto Via Las Brisas.  Pass the first housing track and at the next housing track, turn right on Via Del Rancho.  Follow this to the end, and turn around in the cul-de-sac (there is a gate preventing you to continue straight down the road).  After you U-turn, drive up about 20 feet and park.  On the right, you will see:
**MY 58 DAY SUMMARY:  205 Miles  +31,725 Feet**
This is not good!  My foot is in horrible shape.  I was limping all day and I think something may be seriously wrong with it, like a fracture.  I don't have health insurance so, I made do.  I found some bandage in the first aid kit at work to wrap my foot.  I was determined to hike no matter what, so I did.  I set out to find a hiking stick, and I did!

I hobbled up the hill and turned left.  The larger hill went to the right and I was like, nah...  I found this trail on the Dos Vientos trail site and intended to follow the pools, so I did:

The first three or four houses had pools, but only one or two thereafter did.  I kept straight and passed up a potential side trail that went straight up into it.  Eventually, you will see a trail sign and this path will switchback and up.  I found it easier to incline versus flat elevation because I could switch the weight around on my foot better.  Don't get me wrong, it was and still is quite painful.  I must have busted it up when i ran with my wife on Sunday.  Nine minute miles on the hard concrete really screwed me over.  I can't blame the shoes because I am wearing them with the right gels and the socks are correct too.  I guess it's just one of them things and I have to deal with it.
Once you reach the top of this short climb, you will see another trailhead entrance below and to the left.  This trailhead can be reached if you park your car on Paseo Santa Rosa & Las Brisas.  The trail begins there and will meet with you if you turn left from the Pool Trail.  There is also an option to turn right, but I assumed that would take me back to the spot that would have just put me up into it.  So, I continue straight and eventually meet up with the trail that started at Brisas.  Continuing forward, this would take me to the Sierra Vista Trail, which I trekked last Friday (Day 54).  This whole Dos Vientos Hiking area is kind of confusing.  If you think I'm confusing you, check out the link again:

Anyhow, rather than following this trail to what I've already done, I hiked back to the small little intersection and turned left.  So basically I hiked down into it with my stick.  A moment later, I am back at the car.  So, last week I was running 4 miles, +800 feet in 45 minutes.  Today, well a tad over a mile maybe and I didn't even do the entire trail.  I plan to come back out here tomorrow and go the other way and see where that takes me.  I think I already know.  Then on the next day, same parking spot, there's a trail that begins on the other side of the street.  By Friday, I will park over there by that Santa Rosa Street because I noticed another trail spawning off from that side.  I usually don't plan my hikes like this but my foot is in bad shape and these short little hikes will all be different and help me heal, I hope.  I suppose resting would be better for the foot, but why would I do that?


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