Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 632 - 633: Century Lake Dam - Malibu Creek State Park - Cistern Trail - Cage Trail - Lookout Trail

Day #632 * Hike #746 * New Track #616
Wednesday August 8, 2012
Century Lake Dam - Calabasas, CA

Malibu Creek State Park - Cistern Trail - Lookout Trail - Cage Trail
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours  * 3 Miles * +425 Feet

 An old Cistern?

Follow the same driving instructions as Day 570: Cistern Trail to M.A.S.H.

cis·tern  (sstrn)
1. A receptacle for holding water or other liquid, especially a tank for catching and storing rainwater.
..Toilet bowl water is held in a cistern.
**It was over 100 degrees when I left work today and the temperature continued to climb even higher as I rode to the south.  Normally I escape the heat riding down the grade to Camarillo.  But today was relentless.  A burning inferno in which I could not escape.  The hot black pavement and busy traffic along the 101 felt like 125 degrees+++!!!  I nearly fainted - I couldn't breath...  All this for a hike!?
I was dripping sweat when I got off the back.  I went shirtless down the Cistern Trail.  The trail begins with a quick uphill and then it ducks into shade where it intersects the Lookout Trail.  The distance is less than a quarter mile and you drop maybe 150 feet or so.
Lookout Trail Junction
On Day 570, I turned right and took the very long about way to reach the M.A.S.H. Site.  Today my intention was to turn left but I noticed a narrow track going straight (the picture above).  This trail is not on the map so I figured I would try it.
 About a minute in, I turned around
I do not believe it went much further because I was soon to reach the cliff hanging over Crags Road (the main trail in Malibu Creek State Park).  So, I turned back and began trekking east on the Lookout Trail.
 Century Lake below in the lower right
Open Space ahead...
 The Dam is in full view - People climbing the rocks
 In and out of the shade along the 0.4 mile course
 Today's destination
 Turn right on Crags Road
 The Lookout Trail I came down from
 The stretch to Century Lake
You will be walking down the trail on the left in the picture above.  To reach Century Lake, make a sharp left turn toward the large rock mound.
 A tenth of a mile walk to the lake
 Closeup view of the murky CenturyLake
 Gate locked; carefully swing your way around
 Another obstacle - Use your best judgment
 Trail on the other side
 You can scramble lower...
My buddy at work recent visited this area, hence my determination today to conquer the heat and check it out.  I was on a time restraint to meet up at my son's stunt class so I did not go all the way to the bottom.  My dude said that there are large toads down their.  I mean, LARGE!  Over a foot in length.  Crazy, huh?
 The Dam, from a little bit lower angle
I climbed back up and began follow a trail along the rocks even higher.  It quickly got steep so I turned back.  There are many possible paths to take on either side of the dam.  I'm told you can circle back to the Rock Pools but some of the stepping is expected to be sketchy...
 Century Lake (standing on the Dam)
 A final glimpse of the Dam - It's a steep drop so pass carefully
 Back to Crags Road, I turned left.  Will loop back to the car
 A few minutes down the road - Turn Right
There will be a faint trail immediately on the left.  Skip this!  I hiked that one on Day 570 and it was anything but gentle.  Exposed to the sun, steep, loose steps -- horrible!  However, if you go to the right and lower...
 The Shaded Cage Trail!
So nice!  It does go up as well along the dry creek but it's shaded most of the way.  The switchback incline is quite simple, especially compared to that nasty other route right next to you.  I suppose that I am glad that I did not find the Cage Trail last time.  Part of my mission today was to locate the easy loop.  Looks like I did it!
 And here we are, back to the Lookout Trail!
Turn right and then climb back to the Cistern Trail.  The incline is a bit steep and mixed with the heat, I felt like puking.  I didn't but I did jump back on my motorcycle and somehow managed the long ride to finally find relief at the Grade.  Man has it been hot!  I think I lost some weight with this one...  - -
Day #633 * Hike #747 * New Track #617
Thursday August 9, 2012
Thousand Oaks High School - Thousand Oaks, CA
3-Mile Run * 100 Degrees Run in the Sun
My Tripometer: 1 Hour  * 3.25 Miles * +0 Feet
Thousand Oaks Track - Football Practice
I've been getting away from my running, again!  I worked so hard to push my times lower and today I was just looking to do something steady to kee a motion going.  Again, so hot up here.  I couldn't imagine wearing pads and a helmet.
Today's goal was to run three miles (12 laps) at 2.15 a lap.  This is how it worked out:
2.27.39 -- 10.00.68
2.25.18 -- 19.41.47
1.59.97 -- 29.33.77
Just under 30 minutes for 3 Miles!  Really!!  I faded badly at the end and I wanted to stop, but I didn't.  I pushed through the heat and blistered my feet.  My track shoes are not meant for this longer distance run; they felt like they were on fire the whole time!  I was thirsty after lap 2.
Well, Mission accomplished!  Some of the guys at work give me a hard time regarding Running as a Hike.  Well, I looked up the definition of "hike" and here it is:
Hike / [hahyk] verb,
1.     To go on an extended walk for pleasure or exercise.
Based on the simple definition, I was in fact taking a "Hike".  I get the point, a broader look at Hiking:
Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain.
**Sure, this is my goal.  But I realized that it is quite helpful to run once in awhile to burn fat, build energy and stay in shape.  Hiking alone does not cut it.  So, I keep it real and try to find new outdoor places to make the effort to count as a HIKE!  My rules and I am still doing something over a mile outside every single day.  Finding new locations, etc...   


  1. That would be Century Lake, not Crescent Lake. Also, Crags Road, not Craigs Road.

    I covered a lot of this area back in June. Visited Century Lake on this hike. Visited the Cistern Trail on this hike. And hit some areas adjacent to Malibu Creek State Park on this hike.

    It was hot then, but I'm sure not as hot as this last week!

    1. You are correct. I think I've been out in the sun too much lately!

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