Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 639: Paramount Ranch - Western Town - Malibu Lake

Western Town - Paramount Ranch

Day #639 * Hike #753 * NewTrack #622
Thursday August 16, 2012
Paramount Ranch - Western Town - Malibu Lake - Agoura
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.75 Miles * +275 Feet

 Welcome to Paramount!

 Western Town Entrance

Paramount was much closer than I thought.  Take the 101 Freeway to Kanana and then head south towards the ocean.  Drive less than a half mile and then turn left on Cornell.  Stay on Cornell for 1.8 miles and you will see the park entrance on your right.  Follow the road back and to the left and then park.

 Strolling through the town looking for a pub

 Bridges across the open marshy field

 Back in town, do not pass Go...

 The Bank was closed

 I chose to hike down here.  The Coyote Trail?

There are many trails beyond the town to the right.  Those led up a grueling looking hill so I stayed away.  Instead, I hiked down here to the left.

 The single track fell steep!

 The creek at the bottom

The downhill led to a legit trail.  It probably went back to the bridges from my pictures across town.  Instead of looping back, I continued down the trail along the creek.  It eventually led out to a street.  The trail ended but I crossed the road and walked across the bridge...

 The creek looks interesting, let's see where it goes..

 At the bottom I found a different way back under the bridge

 I hiked thru a gated neighborhood - lead me to another gated community

 I reached Malibu Lake!

I hiked down the run down looking housing development.  I say run down but the homes I'm sure are all a million plus easily.  It was a very interesting place and nobody was home?  I'm just some shirtless guy walking through a ghost town snapping pictures.  Very eerie...  At the end of the community a road named Overhill lead up and above.  I hiked that and there were no trespass signs.  Well, I stepped over the gate but only for a moment...


 The road went down there, but I turned back!

 Looking back, but wish I could have kept going!

 Back to the Lake.  Amazing rock geology and homes!

 A volcano?

 Finally back to the public trail

There are multiple trails to follow but it was very easy navigating my way back.  Basically follow the creek on the other side and make two left turns.

 Okay, three left turns to reach the parking lot

A random shot on the other side of the fence

This was my first visit to Paramount in my 1000 Hikes.  There are many more visits in the works.  Pretty cool hike overall!


  1. Between several trips, I visited a lot of this area previously, but did not make it to Malibou Lake. Looks nice.

  2. I often go beyond the "No Trespassing" signs but on this day I only traveled a couple hundred feet or so. I'd feel better about it if I knew someone living in that community. If by chance you read this blog and you know someone living in the Mountain Lion Club at Malibu Lake, please invite me for an exploration. The area beyond the dam, which I could not see but I assume is there, that area looks way cool to explore...

  3. Stop trespassing next to my house asshole. Malibou Lake is a private gated community. We prosecute and strictly enforce trespass laws. I do have old cranky neighbors that own guns. (SWAT team was recently at Malibou Lake concerning shots fired, google it)

  4. I really should delete Jim's comment but it's so ridiculous... If you read the post, I did not trespass. I clearly stated that I would have liked to continue further but I respected the sign. If there was a sign prior to the end of Overhill Road, I did not notice it. Jim, why do people like you exist? You are threatening me with guns over a blog. I face dangers every day with what I do; mountain lions, rattlesnakes, possibly bears, twisted ankles, poison oak, heat stroke, sun burn and so on. Maybe these old cranky neighbors would shoot you but in my experience, they are more likely to invite me in for a cup of tea. Old people genuinely like me. Maybe I'm naive but this is what I do and I am very respectful. Have a good day!

  5. I like the way you portrayed the things. I recently shifted to this place with real estate service. I''ll soon visit all these places.




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