Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 650: Arroyo Verde is on Fire!!!

The Hill is on Fire!

Day #650 * Hike #772 * New Track #638
Monday August 27, 2012
A Fire in My Neighborhood! - Ventura, California
My Tripometer: 3.25 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +350 Feet
 Above Arroyo Verde Park

My son started cross-country running last week and I am one of the coaches.  We began our run but were quickly diverted.  The entire park had to be evacuated to make room for the chopper to land.  I quickly rode home, grabbed my camera and set out for the hills from the Skyline gate...

 Ayden and Kaitlyn joined me for the journey...

 The chopper is trying to get things under control

 Above the viewing area in the thick

 The fire is spreading...

 What a task!  Thank You guys; you're saving my house!!!

 Father of the year ~ We become fire chasers...

 The evil glow over the northern hillside

 Large equipment crossing "The Bridge"

 Hey, fortunately I know my way around here :)

 Firefighters grouping up for the battle!

 The trail down to the park

Hey, I was close enough.  There was no sensible way of getting closer without interfering.  I probably wasn't supposed to be here; especially with kids...

 Chainsaws - Machines - Vigorously Working

 I had two water bottles on me :)

 Stepping away and entering a main park trail

 Chopper going back for a refill...

 Run, the fire is chasing me!!!

 I feel somewhat safe - weird, nobody on the trail?

 Even the snake slid off the trail...

 What a site!

 ahh, so this is how they do it...
...I was just running down there an hour ago!

 Bringing in the large air support


 <~ooh ~ ahh...

 Hey, seriously, this is getting close to my house!

Early evening...
I had to go.  Bachelor Pad is on :)...  The fire still burns but I think they have it under control.  No evacuations.  I may go back out for a nightcap. 

From a hiking standpoint, I cut across some new terrain to make this a New Track!  Yippee!!!  I am out of sequence but I will catch the blog up within the next few days.  Last weekend I took the kids camping at the Santa Paula Punch Bowls.  Awesome Hike.  Make sure to check back in for the update...

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