Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 643: Somewhere off Kanan Road

Land For Sale!

Day #643 * Hike #765 * New Track #633
Monday August 20, 2012
Somewhere off Kanan Road - Agoura, California
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.75 Miles * +225 Feet

From the 101 Freeway in Agoura, exit on Kanan Road and head South toward the Santa Monica Mountains.  At about 2.0 miles you will pass the Santa Monica Mountains sign and you will see this pull off just before the road swerves to the left.  Pull in the dirt lot, park your car or bike and enjoy!

So, this land is actually for sale.  This is a prime location!!!  They are offering 515.7 acres - holy what?!  In between the 101 and Mulholland - I'm in!  I have no idea what the land goes for but I must assume it's close to a Billion Dollars!!!  If you are interested, I focused in on the phone and email:

Phone: (661) 316-0515

Hey, if you buy this property due to seeing it on this blog, I would appreciate 0.0001% of the commission.  Thanks for looking out :)

**So, I was advised of this spot from my buddy at work who used to off road his jeep back here.  In fact, the gate is still open and the road is very drivable.  Check out my hike:

 An off road to the right

If I recall correctly, this side trail is about a quarter mile up.  I decided to continue down the main road but I anticipate that I will return to see where this route takes...

 Moving right along...  All alone... Beautiful!

Along the way there was another turn off to the right.  I decided to keep going straight so I anticipate at least two more visits to conquer the 500+ acres of land!

 Okay, so I just got done climbing this hill
(Hope you have a 4 by 4 if you're driving)

  I worked my way down this
The road leads to a single track trail
Vehicles, sorry, make a U-Turn

 Yes, we are on a legit trail!

 ...and I ran into a horse ranch!

 I took the high trail above all this

 ...lead me back to the horses

 The horse next to this one is named Charlie; Really, it is!

 I followed the dirt road out to Kanan

 I end up at Kanan; I Hiked Peter Strauss Ranch on day 195!

About a half mile up Kanan, I return to my bike
I'm glad my buddy turned me on to this spot.  I imagine a decade from now the area will be fully developed.  If you are reading this blogpost - GO Hike This Trail NOW!  I mean, why not?  You probably won't get the opportunity later...

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