Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 642: Whiting Ranch - Raptor, Live Oak, Serrano Cow, Line Shack & Coyote Brush Trails

See through tree on the Serano Cow Trail

Day #642 * Hike #762 * New Track #630
Sunday August 19, 2012
Whiting Ranch - Lake Forest, California
Raptor, Live Oak, Serrano Cow, Line Shack & Coyote Brush Trails
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3.75 Miles * +400 Feet
 Welcome Back!

I hiked in Whiting Ranch last month (this is where the Mountain Lion and Coyote were rumbling).  The coast was clear today so let's go for a hike!  Follow the Driving Directions from Day 608: Borrego Trail.  However, this time take the 2nd Portloa Parkway exit off the 241.  Turn left on Portola and then right on Glen Ranch Road.  You will see the large Whiting Ranch Parking lot on the left.  There is a self pay $3.00 parking fee, credit cards accepted.

 The Map of where I will be going today, a loop

 Begin on the Raptor Trail  (near the pay station)

after 0.4 miles of easy trekking, turn right

If you turn left here, this trail will join into the Day 642: Searrano Creek Trail, which I hiked early this morning.  Rather than running back to the hotel, I turned north into the wilderness...

There were many mountain bikers coasting by

Turning right on the Serrano Trail

For all intensive purposes, this is the Serrano Creek Trail.  Turning left would intersect with the Raptor Trail and eventually you will cut through the neighborhoods...

Bypassing the Line Shack Trail...

Turn right on the Serrano Cow Trail

I was hiking in Whiting Wilderness last month and on the very same day, a mountain lion was spotted and captured.  Someone shot a video of the mountain lion and a coyote yelping at it.  From my understanding, the mountain lion was actually caught on the Serrano Cow Trail.  I have attached those videos here: Mountain Lion vs. Coyote!
Creeping along slowly - what was that?

In the clear, initially I turned left on the Line Shack Trail

I ran up a ways and then turned back; a right to loop back...

Up the hill & into the sun; looking back down on the Serrano Cow Trail

Making a left turn on the Coyote Brush Trail (0.9 miles to the car)

City of Irvine in the distance?...

 And at last, the parking lot.  Loop Complete!

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