Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 641: Aliso Creek Trail - Pebble Creek Park - Darrin Park

Aliso Creek Trail

Day #641 * Hike #757 * New Track #625
Saturday August 18, 2012
Aliso Creek Trail - Lake Forest, California
Pebble Creek Park - Darrin Park
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.75 Miles * +50 Feet


Follow the driving instructions from my previous hike to: Lake Mission Viejo.  From the Park, turn right on Olympiad and then left on Marguerite.  Make a right on Alicia Parkway and then another right on Trabuco (all main streets with traffic lights).  About a mile down Trabuco, turn right on Manalastas.  There are many spots that you can reach the Aliso Creek Trail but I chose these stairs which you will see on your left.

 Aliso Creek

I hiked to the west at first.  After crossing under Trabuco, I took a picture of the bridge at the top of the page.  I then turned back and ran about a mile to:

 Pebble Creek Park

 The Trail

I turned off the main trail and made a sharp turn to the left which lead me down here...

 Aliso Park is a Trailer Park, but...

 The trail lead to Darrin Park

 Across the Park

I met Ayden and Jessi at this park and shared their ice cream.  It's hot out here; no coastal breeze.  Mission Viejo is like Thousand Oaks and Laguna is like Malibu.  **Looking at the clock, we had to get back because Alyssa was soon to play her next soccer game.  If I get back down this way, I will try to go further down this bike path.  It appears to go quite a ways.  There are so many public trails in the Mission Viejo area.  We randomly come across this one and as you will see tomorrow; ditto that...

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