Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 627: The Cross - Grant Park - Ventura

The Cross

Day #627 * Hike #739 * Duplicate Track
Friday August 3, 2012
Grant Park "The Cross" - Ventura, CA

My Tripometer: 30 Minutes  * 1 Mile * +125 Feet

My previous visit:

Day 38: Serra Cross Park

Overlooking Ventura (my cheap camera phone)
Friday morning I rode up on my bike with Ayden to the Cross.  This was a very simple hike as I was passing time until my crucial 10:00 meeting.  After 30 minutes of wandering I figured that my mile was satisfied.  From there - the meeting!  It didn't go well. 

Without naming names, I'm going to give these guys a chance to man up.  My wife and I are a victim of the old Bait and Switch.  If we cannot reach a fair and reasonable compromise, I will forward this incident to the State Attorney General, Consumer Affairs, the Senator and the county district attorney.  We will sue for misrepresentation and notify all of these organizations for this company's deceptive business practices!  We relied on their presentation when entering the contract and now they flipped the entire situation.  They honestly feel that it is okay to do business this way.  Outrageous!!  I kind of hope that they do not enter into a confidential settlement release and agreement with us.  If they opt out, I will publicly massacre them!  It's the right thing to do because I feel certain that we are not the only customer that they have done this to.

In a law suit, we could win up to three times the original amount in damages.  That's over $20k!!  However, knowing and dealing with litigations for a living, there is no guarantee to collect on judgment and the time frame for such could be quite a while.  I just want my money back and I believe settling makes the most sense.  Stay tuned for this story...

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