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Day 752: Lakewood Park - Britton Hill - Highest Peak in Florida

Highest Peak in Florida!

Day #752 * Hike #947* New Track #753
Friday December 7, 2012
Lakewood Park - Britton Hill, Florida

Highest Peak in Florida
My Tripometer: 45 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

From Los Angeles, take the I-10 East to Florida.  From DeFuniak Springs, take US Route 331 North and then turn right when you see this sign down county road #285.
 Pass the Cows...

 Lakewood Park is on the left, about a mile before the Alabama border

 I read that this hill is known as Britton Hill

I believe the actual highest natural spot is 5 feet to the right.  I stepped on that soil to solidify my feat...

 Found a trailhead into the woods...

Jess and the kids began to follow but then turned back because they heard dog sounds.  Really guys?!  On nearly every trek you cut your hike short.  Therefore, I began to run to get in some mileage...

 Trail Junctions...

I heard the dogs too but did not see them.  I ran in a mile loop but the trails appeared to go in other directions and there is more to explore.  It's crazy that this is the highest spot in Florida!  I live only 5 minutes from the ocean and my house is at a higher elevation in Cali than this hill in the middle of nowhere.

3 States, 3 Cleveland's, 3 Highest Peaks.  One more day left in my trip.  One more state to conquer.  Hmm, wonder what I'm going to do...

 Heading into Alabama...

Stopped off to step on a Tank

Next stop, Florala...

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