Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 753: Cheaha State Park - Highest Peak In Alabama - Talladega National Forest - Cheaha Trailhead

Cheaha State Park - Elevation 2,407 Feet

Day #753 * Hike #951 New Track #757
Saturday December 8, 2012
Cheaha State Park
- Talladega National Forest
Highest Peak in Alabama
Cheaha Trailhead
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

Not far from Talladega Superspeedway you'll find the highest peak in the state of Alabama...

It was a cold, wet and rainy morning and despite a deer crossing the windy road, the drive was easy and the hike was even easier.  After parking the car, we ran 20 feet to the tower to escape the weather.  We climbed to the top and... 

 Ahh, No Views Today, but higher than anyone else in Alabama!

 Hmm, what am I doing here?

 The back side of the tower

While the family escaped the weather by warming up in the car, I braved it and explored to somehow make a hike out of it.  My first impulse was to absolutely determine where the highest spot actually was.  Just as in Florida, there was a plaque stating "highest point" yet I found a mound of earth to the side that was naturally taller.  At this tower, it appeared that they placed the building directly on the spot.  However, look what I found...

 A Rock!  The Highest Peak in Alabama?!

There was no sign to confirm my suspicion, but this felt right.  I climbed the rock, hence I was higher than anyone else in Alabama, unless Snoop Doggy Dogg was in state...

 Cheaha Trailhead

Driving back down the nearly mountainous like road, we pulled off to the side to continue our exploration of the area.  We were in the woods and this trail would go on forever.  I didn't go far but got a taste of the area...

Real cool spot up here.  Well, we have a plane to catch.  The vacation is just about over.  Next stop, Hotlanta and then back to the O.C...

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