Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 795:Ventura BMX at Kimball Park

New BMX Track in Ventura!

Day #795 * Hike #996 * New Track #778
Saturday January 19, 2013
Ventura BMX - Kimball Park - Ventura, California

My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +25 Feet

 Trail Junction

Welcome back to Kimball Park in Ventura.  Today I noticed that a new trail was formed in the overgrown grassy area.  A New Hike!!!

I switch backed to the cement trail (a mile and a quarter loop which rounds the entire park)...

 A New Trailhead!!!

This has been in the works for some time and now finally, I can hike along it...

 Cross the bridge...

That guy jogging is our banker for Chill Out!  He was also Alyssa's Soccer Coach a couple of years ago.  And this is where the New Track meets an old track.  All of a one minute walk or 20 second jog, but it connects.  If you search through my blog to the Lost Ring Trail or Ventura Tunnel Trail, I think you may be able to find some photos on the other side.  Finally, the bike trail which starts near Saratoga connects to Kimball Park.  It's about time!  Now they just need to connect the Saratoga part to the west end of Thille, behind the mobile park.  One day.  Today however, I turned around, follow the cement loop and found yet another discovery!

 Ventura has a legit BMX Track!

 Views of Oxnard and Pt. Mugu in the distance...

 This looks fun!

 Topa Topa to the North

 Nice Jump!

I continued my pursuit back to the old familiar spots...

 Wanna go for a swim?

 It's a line drive...

You're out sir!

Just about every outdoor activity imaginable!  Mini Rockets being shot up into the sky, guys like me hiking, bikers, roller bladers, swimming, diving, softball, football and of course, Soccer!  I chose not to capture any motions from the black and white octagon patterned ball.  I believe this blog has enough soccer pics to justify the sport...

Rewinding the Week:

Day #790 * Hike #991 * New Track #774
Monday: Del Sol Park - Oxnard

After work today, I drove down Rose in Oxnard and came across this park.  I ran around the outside dirt trail and then across the grass through the park.  After a thirty minute stay, covering approximately 2 miles in distance with no elevation, I sat my butt in the Chill Out Spot for the rest of the night...

Day #791 * Hike #992 * New Track #775
Tuesday: Port Hueneme

For a small community, the surely is a lot of square miles to cover.  I took back to the streets in the evening hour.  As Jess ran the shop, I flooded the neighborhood near Perkins on the eastern most end of Hueneme.  I trekked two miles easily over 1.5 hours and once again, NO ELEVATION GAIN!

Day #792 * Hike #993 * New Track #776
Wednesday: Southwest Oxnard

Smacking fliers on cars on the streets of Oxnardia, I came across a busy park off Clara.  I snapped some photos from my phone but there's no time to upload them here.  The park is next to some random medical center, which replicates the style of a small school.  The people I did hand the fliers to did not speak any English, yet I continued on with my mission.

Day #793 * Hike #994 * Duplicate Track
Thursday - Arroyo Verde

Ahh, back to paradise.  After work I said forget about it.  Before the sun dropped, I took a slow casual duplicate hike in my backyard.

Day #794 * Hike #995 * New Track #777
Friday - Port Hueneme

TGIF, well, not really.  Before I relieved my wife from her shift, I pranced around the southwestern portion of Port Hueneme.  Come'on down to Chill Out Frozen Yogurt!

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