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Day 767: Knapp's Castle

Knapp's Castle

Day #767 * Hike #966 New Track #761
Saturday  December 22, 2012
Knapp's Castle - Goleta, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +175 Feet

The trail to the castle is only about 0.35 miles - Very Easy!

Follow the driving instructions for Day 552: Painted Cave.  Then continue up the roadway to the top where you will reach East Camino Road.  Turn right and head up this road for about 9/10ths of a mile.  On the left, look for this trailhead:


 Trail Junction, turn up and to the right

When we left the house in Ventura it was a perfectly sunny day.  We hadn't had one of these in awhile, but it was short lived...

I used a self made granny hat to cover my  head and ears from the cold rain.  Personally, I don't mind the weather but if I would have known these elements were coming, I would have used my old camera.  Every Time!  This is now my third camera since beginning my 1000 Days!  It looks like I escaped today without too much damage...

 We Found the Castle!

After exploring inside the old ruins, we ventured off trail to follow this animal path.  It got to a point where it was just plain stupid and wet to continue, so we turned back.  The hike to the castle itself is very simple and very short.  To lengthen this trip, you can head back to the junction and then follow the main road for miles deeper into the wilderness.  We however did not do this.  I suppose it was stupid to drive an hour and only hike 1.5 miles total, but we did.

Caution, on our way back there was an accident on the 154, San Marcos Pass.  This happens more often than it should, especially when there is weather.  It completely blocks the road and the deadlock could last for hours.  Instead, we made a U-Turn and found an alternate way back down.  At Painted Cave Road, the street you turn up to reach the Castle, you can turn left down San Marcos Road.  Just follow this very windy road all the way down and it will place you just one exit to the North on the 101, the airport exit.

**On the 154, many years ago I whipped down this road coming back from Chumash Casino.  The road was slick and there is one turn that swings a little more than you would think.  I nearly lost control here and crashed head on to another vehicle.  Fortunately, I have Cleveland driving skills and I recovered brilliantly.  Unfortunately, it appears that today's driver was not as fortunate.  Bottom line, drive slower, stay alert and just be careful...
 See You Later...

Driving Down Painted Cave Road

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