Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 752: Pine Log State Forest - Crooked Creek Trail - Old Sawmill Horse Trail - Florida Trail - Lake DeFuniak - DeFuniak Springs

Angry Duck on Lake DeFuniak

Day #752 * Hike #945* New Track #751
Friday December 7, 2012
Crooked Creek Trail - Pine Log State Forest, Florida

Old Sawmill Horse Trail - Florida Trail
My Tripometer: 45 Minutes * 2.75 Miles * +25 Feet

 Random Stop along State Route 79

Not much more than 20 minutes north of Panama City Beach, we passed this trailhead sign and I decided to circle back and check it out...


  • Crooked Creek Trail (Short) ~4.5 Miles
  • Crooked Creek Trail (Long) ~9.0 Miiles
  • Old Sawmill Horse Trail ~12.0 Miles
  • Florida Trail ~1400 Miles
 Red Ants

 Welcome to the Florida Pine Forest

Jess and the kids turned around.  They were scared that there could be bears or jaguars out here.  Nah... Really?  Anyhow, they turned back and I began to run.  The surface was pretty level and fast, and I ran real fast...

Back here, I heard running water but did not see it.  The trail did not weave into the forest but it sounded like there was a creek in it.  I then diverted off the single track trail to turn down this road...

 Okay, now what?  Where am I?

 Oh Boy?!!!

I kept my sense of direction together and ran stupid fast.  The surface on the road was sandy, which made the run even harder.  There were no sounds, no nothings, just me and my running breath.  Finally, I intersected the foot trail and raced back to the car.  Whew...

Day #752 * Hike #946* New Track #752
Friday December 7, 2012
Lake DeFuniak - DeFuniak Springs, Florida

My Tripometer: 45 Minutes * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

 Let's check out this small town...

 Cool, there is a lake...

 ...a playground and a pier...

Alyssa and Ayden raced in 200 meter intervals around the mile track.  It felt longer than a mile but maybe that's because I was tired from my previous run...

DeFuniak Springs is located just north of I-10 between Pensacola and Panama City Florida.  Since our flight out of Atlanta was tomorrow afternoon, we did not have time to travel any further west to reach Pensacola.  I figure that I will visit New Orleans some day and when I do, that's when I'll hit up Pensacola.  Hmm, I'll also travel to Cleveland, Mississippi in that trip.  Hopefully I can make this endeavor possible by summer.  We'll see...

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