Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 781: Rose Valley Falls - Los Padres National Forest

Rose Valley Falls

Day #781 * Hike #980 New Track #766
Saturday January 5, 2013
Rose Valley Falls - Ojai, California

My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1 Miles * +500 Feet

The Map to Rose Valley Falls

This is an old beat up map.  It looks like you go from 3500 feet to 4000 feet, a 500 foot increase.  However, I don't recall it being even that much.  I did this 11 days ago but I have done so much since then...

 Rose Valley Falls is ahead...

Take the 33 North out of Ojai and turn right on Rosevalley Road.  A few miles down, turn right to Rosevalley Falls.  Park by the sign as shown below:

 Which way do we go...


We began following a footpath on the left side of the road.  It lead to here.  This didn't look right so we walked back, followed the road and wound up here...



At the end of the campgrounds, look for this trailhead sign...

 2 easy creek crossings

I will warn you; I've been back here after a heavy snow and these crossings are nearly impassible unless you plan to get wet.  It's never really a big problem but fortunately for us today, the rocks were easy to glide over...

 A little left over snow; that's two weeks in a row for us!


 It really is a nice trail!

Hey, we made it!  Very easy hike!

 Real cool spot.  I've been back here before when the falls freeze over.  It's a cool site.  Also, just after a heavy rain or snow, these falls are slamming!  It looks like I was a week too late for this, but there was running water.  Not sure if it's enough for Skyhiker but it will have to do.

There are some other options to switchback up and above the falls but I would not recommend them.  We started on that course but quickly turned back.  We had our mind set on something even more exciting.  Heck, if you're going to come all the way out here, you better be hiking more than a mile!  Stay tuned for the next adventure...

**Quick rewind,

I've kept my hiking streak alive with many duplicate hikes.  The week's activity kept me down in Port Hueneme in preparation for our Soft Opening at Chill Out Frozen Yogurt.  I walked the pier, the beach, bubbling springs, etc.  All duplicates.  The majority of the time was spent in the shop for final preparations...


  1. I had to squint, with my face right up to the screen, but, yeah, I could see some water! ;D

  2. Dude, you know you've made it to where every time that I encounter a waterfall, I will think about,
    "Is this good enough for SkyHiker?" :)
    **Check out the next post. You'll need to squint even more to check out the Mountain Lion...

  3. Yeah, I saw that post back on the 19th. I squinted and saw what could be a mountain lion, or tree bark!

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