Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 795: Channel Islands Harbor - Silver Strand, California - Captain Jack's Weather Stone - Battle Sails: Lady Washington vs Hwaiian Chieftain

Battle at Silver Strand

Day #795 * Hike #997 * New Track #779
Saturday January 19, 2013
Channel Islands Harbor - Silver Strand, California

Captain Jack's Weather Stone
Battle Sails: Lady Washington vs Hwaiian  Chieftain
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 3.5 Miles * +25 Feet

I began this hike in the Channel Islands Harbor, on the corner of Victoria and Channel Island Blvd.  It was mid afternoon and my quest for this mission was to hand out fliers and tag cars to introduce Chill Out Frozen Yogurt to the neighborhood. 

Other than a few cars in the parking lot, the area looked like a ghost town.  I walked down this nice sidewalk and the open court in between these building was completely vacant.  The Strand is only a few miles from our shop but the community may as well be a world away.  That said, we are still the closest FroYo shop to the Strand, and they ought to know!

 Looking back on my first quarter mile stretch...

 The channel was busy...

 Looking across Port Hueneme Naval Base...

Thats Boney Mountain in fhe far off distance.  Our shop is on the other side of the base.  The sidewalk from Channel Islands Harbor ended so I was forced out on to Victoria for a stretch before I reached the next walkway...

After tagging the cars, I continued my hike.  Maybe I should have walked the docks to hand out fliers?

 Dead end again; Maybe not?

 Closing in on the ocean...
The walkway ended again so it was back out to Victoria and then into the next lot...

This is why I hike.  To discover unique findings.  Who knew a stone was the perfect weather Indicator?

 Officially in Silver Strand

 A Pirate Ship on the Pacific!

 Topa Topa

 Silver Strand


 Another Pirate Ship!

 They are in a Battle!


The sun is down, now I have to hike all the way back and then rendezvous with my wife to Chill Out:

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