Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 781: Matilija Hot Springs

Matilija Hot Springs

Day #781 * Hike #982 New Track #768
Saturday January 5, 2013
Matilija Hotsprings - Ojai, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

 Park on the side of the road

Follow the driving instructions from Day 523-524: Camping on the Matilija Trail.  After you turn off the 33, drive a couple of miles up Matilija past the damn and then park on the side of the road before the road narrows to one lane at the stop sign in the distance, as shown in the picture above.


There is a tucked away Private Property sign to discourage visitors, but no one appears to notice.  The hike is an easy climb down and within a moment, you are at the springs...

 Ayden noticed that the old guys down there had no pants on

There were many pools to jump into and I felt awkward with the camera because the old men were soaking in their birthday suits.  Instead of jumping right in, we bypassed the springs and hiked this way...

 We tramped over the rocks...

 Sammi found fresh cold water

 This cold water pool is deep!

We explored for awhile and then came back.  You can literally hike all day up and down the fresh water creek.  Back to the sulfur ridden haven of the hot springs...

Peaking in from the outskirts
Ayden soaking in his private tub
Another family showed up.  Them too I believe was discouraged by the exhibitionists.  Moreover, the father couldn't take the fumes from the sulfur.  It was strong but not enough to warrant an early departure for.  We remained there till sundown and then snuck away before the crazies came out. 
Overall, I prefer the long hike to the Sespe Hot Springs over this spot.  I've been to Sespe twice, but zero times since starting this blog.  I owe the world to share what may be my best hike yet to come...


  1. A new era of stewardship is beginning on the hot springs land – which has been purchased, and is now being managed by Ecotopia, a non-profit community organization. This land is being closed for a Resting Period starting May 1, 2013. All lands on the creek side of the road are private. Anyone on this land, around the hot springs, or at the swimming hole at the sharp bend in the road will be fined for trespassing by the police starting May 1st. This Resting Period will last a minimum of 4-6 months so that the land can be given time to heal from overuse. When Ecotopia re-opens the land, everyone will be welcome to become a member, participate and visit. All members will be involved with helping to create a healthy, clean, safe, alcohol and drug free environment. Please visit WWW.OJAIHOTSPRINGS.COM to sign up for the email newsletter – so you can receive updates and news relating to this land. We welcome your involvement in co-stewarding this land with us for many years to come. Thank you, Ojai Ecotopia Staff WWW.OJAIHOTSPRINGS.COM

  2. Alcohol and drug free ...really? Im all for giving the environment a rest period and making a club to help out the area...but what are you guys... the Karma Police? As long as people clean up after themselves let them have fun.

  3. Nudists aren't crazies or exhibitionists any more than people upset by the naked body are uptight puritans...




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