Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 752: Vulcan Park - Cleveland & Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to Cleveland, again...

Day #752 * Hike #949* New Track #755
Friday December 7, 2012
Vulcan Park - Birmingham, Alabama

Cleveland, Alabama
My Tripometer:  All Evening * 2.5 Miles * +50 Feet

On the road again.  We were traveling the windy and narrow Alabama roads from Florala at night and finally reached the Interstate near Montgomery.  We drove north, passed Birmingham and then exited to the right in Nomans Land.  Why, I don't know, we just did...

Finally, some 45 minutes out of the way, north of the city; Welcome to Cleveland!

Not much going on in this small town on a Friday night.  I didn't imagine that there would be.  However, mission complete.  We targeted 4 states and found the town of Cleveland in all of them!  Oh, by the way, this was not a hike...

We drove back to Birmingham and the hike begins here:


You could pay a fee, take a tour, ride the elevator, but we elected to dodge all this for our free hike around the area.  Great views of Birmingham!  After this, we drove into the city and walked around...

We found Frozen Yogurt!  The place was packed and the yogurt was over 50 cents per ounce.  Ridiculous!  This place is making bank if that's the case.  Chill Out Frozen Yogurt will be opening in a week and we'll only be charging 42 cents.  Hmm, I guess the rent is high in Alabama...

Overall, Bama was clean and pretty.  I did not expect it.  Birmingham is only a couple hours from Hotlanta, which makes it an attractive location.  I would return to Birmingham, but next time I'll pass on Cleveland...

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