Thursday, January 24, 2013

More to Chill Out...

Hueneme Pier

Day #788 * Hike #989 New Track #772
Saturday January 12, 2013
Chill Out Frozen Yogurt - Port Hueneme, California

My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 3 Miles * +25 Feet

 Santa Cruz Island

 Chill Out Frozen Yogurt

***I just launched the website.  Check it out:

As you can imagine, opening up a business is extremely difficult.  It's time demanding, expensive and I am completely exhausted!  That said, it presented a unique hiking opportunity...

  • Day 782: It was Sunday, my last weekend day before our opening.  The only hike I managed on this chilly day was one with my dogs in my backyard; a duplicate trek at Arroyo Verde Park.

  • Day 783 - New Track 769: Monday after work I hiked the streets in South Oxnard on the east side of Saviers near Pleasant Valley.  I covered about 2 miles over a long hour+ tagging fliers on cars and mailboxes.  I figured to start out here because we anticipated opening later in the week and I wanted to work out to in.  Not a very nice neighborhood back here, but I was familiar with it from when I used to collect police donations...

  • Day 784: A duplicate walk in the late night hour at Arroyo Verde.

  • Day 785 - New Track 770: More street hiking in South Oxanard

  • Day 786 - New Track 771: We received our permits and license to open just before 5pm.  We were officially open for business.  We spent hours bringing in the product and setting it all up.  We opened our doors and two customers randomly showed up this night.  Ironically, the second customer found out about Chill Out because they had been following my blog.  They live within walking distance.  How cool was that!  My hike came at 11pm this night.  After we closed, I hiked the streets near Bolker in Port Hueneme to distribute fliers.

  • Day 787 New Track 772:  TGIF!  Not really.  There is no escape.  I worked all day at my real job and then sat all night at the Yogurt Shop.  I distributed fliers in the late late hour in the neighborhood behind our shop.  We have not advertised our opening officially so the only source of marketing has come from my hiking expeditions.  This is hardly Guerrilla Marketing but it will have to do.

Saturday Day 788: as seen in the pictures atop this blogpost.  It was a long working day and in the evening hour I hiked through Moranda Park, distributed fliers in that entire neighborhood and then barely missed the sun setting at Hueneme Pier.

***I received a phone call from a TV Station in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  They want to share my blog on their newscast!!!  They randomly came across my posts from when I visited there last month.  Way cool!  I will update this blog to share their site, as soon as I have a moment.  For now, its after midnight and I need some rest.  I have a few pretty decent hikes and pics under my belt since Day 788.  I'm always falling behind, but I will get er done...

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