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Day 760: Candy Cane Lane - Woodland Hills, CA

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Saturday December 15, 2012
Candy Cane Lane - Woodland Hills, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +0 Feet

In year's past, our Jacobus tradition is to visit Candy Cane Lane in Oxnard, CA.  On this day, we were in route to the airport to pick up a family friend.  Along the way, Jess found this area on her phone, and we checked it out.  Let me warn you, Traffic is Horrible.  If you wish to visit Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills, follow these driving directions:

In Woodland Hills, exit the 101 Freeway at Winnetka and head north on Winnetka.  Turn left on Hetteras, the second street on the left.  Park your car on the street.  Walk across Winnetka and enjoy the lights.

Obviously this is a hike only to do in the month of December before Christmas.  It's very festive!  It's also very busy.  The Lazies will drive their cars up and down the road.  It's bumper to bumper so be careful.  The neighborhood participates for many blocks, up and down.  It will take you a good hour to cover the entire distance.

Cops were on the scene and they ticketed a resident who was selling hot coco because he had no license.  Really!!  This happened right in front of us; Horrible!  It's not like this resident needed the money to sell the hot treat.  I believe it was more for the experience for his kids and for the spectators trekking through the cold.  His home must be worth a million plus and I hardly doubt the $1.50 coco was going toward his mortgage.

Anyhow, cool place to visit if you live in So. Cal.  Merry X-Mas!

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