Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 803: Split Rock - Skull Rock - Balanced Rock - Mishe Mokwa Trail - Carlisle Canyon - Echo Cliffs

Split Rock

Day #803 * Hike #1005 * New Track #788
Sunday January 27, 2013
Mishe Mokwa Trail - Malibu, California

Split Rock - Skull Rock - Balanced Rock
Carlisle Canyon - Echo Cliffs
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 4 Miles * +500 Feet


The parking area is just about a mile down the Road from the Sandstone Peak Trailhead.  From the PCH, turn up Yerba Buena Road which is the road that goes up the hill from Neptunes Net.  Today's trailhead is 7.0 miles from the PCH just before Triunfo Pass. 

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The first 0.4 miles is along the backbone trail.  You will be gradually gaining 200 feet of elevation.  No switchbacks but the trail is a bit steep in some places.  It was especially muddy after all of the rains that we have had...

 Looking back at the parking area

 Ziggy, pace yourself...

 Just 0.2 miles separates you from the Sandstone Peak Trail
Stay Straight on the Mishe Mokwa Trail...

 Overlooking Carlisle Canyon

 Echo Cliffs, and yes they echo!
<~Hello, hello, hello, hello. hello....

 a random grassy area
 Rock climber's or as Ayden calls it; Climb Rockers!

 creek crossing

Up to this point, the majority of the hike was in shade which makes this an ideal hike in the hot summer months.  However, it was quite cold so we absorbed the sun in the spots that it shined.  Don't let the topo map fool you.  You think that you will be climbing just 200 feet in the first half mile and then the trail is level the rest of the way.  Nope!  Many up and downs to roller coaster the elevation gain.  Nothing too extreme and no switchbacks, but try telling this to the 3 year-pd who I had to carry on my shoulders the majority of the way back...

 Interesting rock on top of that cliff...

 Did aliens put that there?

 A close up...

 Trailhead for B/R???

Our destination today was Split Rock.  It felt like we hiked 2 miles already but between dogs and kids I honestly lost my timing.  We hiked down the B.R. trail for a moment and it lead out to an open field.  The trail continued to go lower but I knew this couldn't be right.  Here is another picture of:

 Balanced Rock

Of course I was wandering without my map which clearly states, "Balanced Rock".  It took Ayden to figure out at the time that B.R. stood for Balanced Rock.  Good job figuring that one out buddy.  Proud of you man...

 Yet another angle...

 Skull Rock

Way cool area, huh!
 Finally, cross into the Split Rock Camp!

 Cross the refreshing creek

 King of the Split

 Base Camp

We enjoyed PB&J sandwiches with crackers and lemonade.  A perfect Sunday afternoon adventure...

 Even Sammi ran through it...

A long hike back...

After our adventure we headed back up the PCH and exited at Hueneme Road.  From there, less than 5 miles to Chill Out Frozen Yogurt!  We deserved this treat and I ordered a Panini to go :)




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