Monday, January 22, 2018

Denver - Colorado

Ayden with my Uncle Fred

Our 7-Mile take on Denver

Perhaps I get my adventure from Uncle Fred.  For the past since I've been born he's been living in Colorado.  Unfortunately, I hadn't seen him in over a decade prior to this day.  Growing up, I was lucky to have seen him once every other year.  But as the other male Jacobus, brother to my dad, Uncle Fred's Jewish blood, like half of mine, always resonated with me more so than any other. 

He was one who would spend days at a time, alone up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I can say he gets it just based off his resume.  My own father was not into the outdoors.  On my own I found my calling to this delight.  I wish I would have found a way to share in his experiences, but during our visit, a shot of jack, a game of chess, and stories be told.  Bear encounters, family history = precious bond and root of me.  What took me so long?!

Although we did not hike or go camping, sharing his presence with my own son will be everlasting.  Ayden certainly had an impression of Uncle Fred, and his question of life was, "am I like him?  When I grow up, will I talk to random people like that?"  -Son, I think you already do.  Welcome to being my Jacobus!

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