Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep is a relatively unknown National Monument where you can visit ruins.  Barely tucked inside the Utah border, it's not far from Four Corners (Utah - Colorado - New Mexico - Arizona).  It's a fantastic alternative to the more popular tourist attraction Mesa Verde National Park or nearby Canyons of the Ancient National Monument.

At Mesa Verde there is a fee, and from what I've read, you have to go on guided tours which will not even bring you directly up to the ruins.  Due to vandalism, deterioration and overpopulation, they cut the public's access to the ruins.  However, you can still view them near and far amongst crowds of people.  On the contrary, Hovenweep is free, you can guide yourself around the two-mile loop and walk right up to the ruins!  They even have a small campgrounds where you might be the only guest for that night.  That maybe creepy for some, but as a part time recluse, I loved it!

Canyons of the Ancient National Monument, located just next door in Colorado, is a vast land where you may spend all day searching and never finding any ruins.  HikeStalker anyone?

Our Hike

We rolled in late at night after the visitor center was already closed, hiked at first light and left before the visitor center was open.  No gates or issues here whatsoever.  It was a perfect pitstop, our last overnight during our two-week RV Trip from the summer of 2017.

With the sun barely above the horizon, the shadows did make it difficult to take pictures from my iPhone.  The hike itself was very easy, one small section with a hill, but nothing a Lazy Hiker could not do.  Enjoy the hike...

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