Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hikes of Illinois

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 1. Chicago Millennium Park (Diaper Hiker)
1. Chicago Millennium Park
(Diaper Hiker)

Normally city hikes do not make my #1, but in this case and as of this moment, Millennium Park ranks up there.  Other than finding it very rough to locate parking, thankfully I didn't have the RV, the Chicago Downtown area was eventful.  Take off the Diapers and get Lazy Hiking along the Riverfront area.  You can take a river boat, splash in the fountains or just gawk at the skyscrapers.  With plenty of restaurants in the area, Chicago is Fun for Everyone (as long as it's not winter!)

2. Starved Rock State Park
(Lazy Hiker)

I couldn't find much natural outdoor experiences in & around Chicago, but not too far to the south you'll encounter Starved Rock.  The area is quite massive, meaning you could make an entire day of it wandering on the trails or tease your curiosity in the Visitor Center.  Get off the flat ground of the midwest and go climb a rock.  That's what we did, and look here, it overlooks water.  How about that!

3. Somewhere Chicago
(Diaper Hiker)

The picture is perhaps famously known for www.HiiTCityTour.com.  Taken by Jessi J. and then mastered by me, the HikeStalker!  We need some stalking fans to chime in on this one to explain where the hike is.  This is one of only a few locations of the thousands on my blog where I didn't actually attend.  Do you know where it is - looks like fun, right?!

4. Shipwreck of the Silver Spray(Diaper Hiker)

Epic Fail!  I searched online and found some pretty cool photos of a 100 year-old shipwreck.  First, finding parking in this area was challenging, but one we did, we explored the waterfront up and down and came up with nothing.  We even asked the local officers patrolling the park, and they claimed to have never heard of it.  What am I missing here?  Was there a shipwreck or not, and is it still visible???  Hate to say it, but need to be HikeStalked out there to resume the search!

5. Bloomington - Normal
(Diaper Hiker)

Take a break from the humidity and visit your local waterpark to cool off.  In Bloomington, their are a few slides for the kiddos and the main pool is large enough to congregate in your own niche.   Does any of what I say ever make any sense.  Am I just overblogging today versus writing meticulously and grammatically correct?  Does it really matter, I was just trying to fill space here because there's not much to talk about.  Go for a swim!


6. Peoria
(Diaper Hiker)

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