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Hikes of Utah

Discover Utah

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1. & 2. Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park
(Lazy Hiker)

I've been to many places around this world, but Bryce Canyon is one of those awe-inspiring standouts!  The hoodoos in Bryce are a Must See for Everyone, no matter what.  You have to go to Bryce Canyon; Period!

We camped overnight nearby the Navajo Loop Trail, and took to the dirt at first sunlight.  Looking over my blogpost, I wrote it in a rush well after the journey.  I did not elaborate on this visit, unfortunately - and then I included Zion on the same page.  I believe I visited both parks in the same day, which is a major mistake.  We made it work, but certainly you need at least a full day at each park.

About #2 Zion; It's Sick!  But, too overpopulated.  On the drive in, the pavement is as red as the rock surrounding you.  Never seen a road that color before!  I recall having to go through a tunnel, there is traffic, delays and large RV's may not be able to access the route.  Fortunately I was renting a Class C at the time, but have since bought a larger Class A.  Do your research.

In Zion, you are forced to take the free tour bus.  That's a big boo!  So plan accordingly.  The thing to do is to trek through the cold creek, the Narrows!  Now, careful, people have literally died here before because of unexpected flash floods.  Generally, that's further up the Narrows.  Not well prepared, and dwindled down on time, I only went in a little ways, up until thigh deep was the norm and my legs were frost red.  Jessi and Ayden remained back while I took this venture.  Perhaps I'll go back and do more, maybe enter the Narrows from the more dangerous way, distant from the crowd madness.  Or, maybe I'll just be a tourist and trek down one of the other trails.

3. Arches National Park
(Lazy Hiker)

We had a couple of hikes during our visit to Arches.  Unlike many of the parks in Utah where it could take days for you to cover only a portion of the protected land, Arches is cute and can be covered in a half day.  You can certainly lengthen your stay by adding in longer hikes, but we didn't find it to be necessary.  Where Bryce has Hoodoos, Arches has Arches!  Many of them you can see from the road and some of the coolest ones do not require more than a Lazy Hiker.  If you are ever driving down I-70 to Colorado, like we were, then Arches is a no-brainer, must visit!

4. Hovenweep National Monument
(Lazy Hiker)

There are so many more well known parks in Utah to cover, but as I write this, Hovenweep is my #4.  My likes are, quit, no people, ruins, private - it's different than my other Utah adventures.  The natural world of Utah, the history, simply amazing.  Perhaps man was intended to live here, in Utah!  Maybe not so much in the desert like arid land, but considering that there is proof that dinosaurs ruled through Utah and Hovenweep housed ancient man, it's hard to argue to the contrary that Utah is important.  Of course the dinosaurs died off and so did these guys, but wander through this once civilization and see how they built their shelters strategically with the gorge in mind.

5. Huntington State Park
(Diaper Hiker)

I talk about living in Utah and Huntington Beach makes this hospitable.  You can't have life without water, and here it is.  This lake is warm year round, naturally supplied by nearby hotsprings.  It seems to be far away from everything, so unless you know, why would you come here?  What I don't like is that you can bring your motor boat and gun through the water.  The lake is small, and in my opinion, should only be for kayaks and electric boats.  Nearby is the town of Cleveland, Utah.  You'll find a quarry where the largest Dinosaur Find, was found.  Not too much further is the vast Dinosaur National Park, which expands into Colorado.  Seems to be some nice white water rafting over there - I want to go!

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