Friday, January 19, 2018

Hikes of Arizona

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1. South Kaibob Trail - Grand Canyon
(Climb Hiker)

One of several ways to hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, our decent brought us only to Cedar Ridge, beyond Ooh - Aah Point.  To become a true Hike Stalker, one must complete this mission, and not by mule!

2. South Rim Trail - Grand Canyon
(Lazy Hiker)

This is a nice trek for the family to enjoy.  Take in all the scenery and if you get tired, just stop at the next waypoint and take the bus back.

A day full of excitement on the lake is hardly Lazy, but I don't see how else I can classify this experience; Exhausting-Fun!  We maximized the adventure, beyond the lake.  We strolled around London Bridge and Ayden learned what a pasty was.

We walked around on a few of it's trails, but we hardly scratched the surface for what Sedona was all about.  After leaving Utah's Bryce Canyon & Zion, Sedona wasn't nearly as special as I hoped it would be.  In fact, this blogpost includes a pitstop at Sunset Crater Volcano Park.  I would opt to revisit there before coming back to Sedona.

Nothing exciting in this blogpost.  However, my wife more recently took an RV Trip with Ayden to a resort along the Colorado, not far from Parker Dam.  I suspect I'll return to the area to Stalk something craftier!

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