Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hikes of Iowa

Discover Iowa

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1. Maquoketa Caves State Park
(Lazy Hiker)

At the time, we were interested in exploring some caves.  Doing the research and being situated from the middle of Illinois, we were prepared to drive to Missouri to explore within.  However, due to the breeding or sleeping of a certain bat, all the caves in a 200+ mile radius were closed, except for this one.  We hopped the border and made a hike of it!  There are deeper caves in the park where flashlight is needed.  However, for our multi-mile loop journey, we were able to navigate just fine.  To say the least, Awesome Find!

2. Davenport Centennial Park
(Diaper Hiker)

Davenport is part of the Tricities wrapped around the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois.  This post is also found in my Illinois section, but not for Moline or Rock Island, which makes up the trifecta, but for nothing of relation to this municipality.  This area appeared visually clean, yet there was site of some riffraff.  During the daylight hours with kids however, I was not scared.  There is a gambling boat here that I believe is locked in place and does not chug along the waters.  We landed in  Centennial Park but across the bridge, there would be more to explore.  I do know there is a nice city water park, which I'm certain is refreshing on those hot summer days!

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