Monday, January 22, 2018

Hikes of Colorado

Discover Colorado

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UTV Country!  We traveled by off-road vehicle to reach this amazing wilderness in only a fraction of the time, had we been on foot.  This entire area is simply amazing, thus my favorite spot thus far in my Colorado travels.  HikeStalker me anytime; I'm there!

High above the clouds, climb to the highest point in Colorado!  Acclimate to the elevation first, leave early and prey for great weather.  There are certainly tougher climbs than this one so don't let the Hike Stalker status discourage you.  One for the masses, Mt. Massive is right next door and calling my name; <~hint, wink ... 

I can't think of any other road that I have driven on that placed me over 12,000 feet.  Get out, stretch your legs and absorb this peaceful place.  Summon the HikeStalker to discover more trails in this area.

Learn the tales of the Gunnison River.  Escape crowded touristy areas and enjoy the serenity.  There are many trails in this wilderness.  I do intend to revisit, stalked or not...

The only way up to this amusement park is by gondola.  You may have to be a HikeStalker to enjoy your visit on windy/stormy days.  Explore the caves and enjoy the rides.  Oh, don't worry, if weather gets too bad, you can pile in a truck to take the switchbacks back down.

Walk across the 2nd Highest Suspension Bridge in the United States.  If you're a thrill seeker, fly across the zipline on your way back or coast over on the gondola.  If you're afraid of heights, don't look down.

Just north of the town of Cimmaron, the Mesa Creek Trail treks you down to the Morrow Point Dam.  From Curecanti to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, this wilderness area has so much to be desired.  Invite me back to the wonderment of Colorado!

Aspen is mentioned in movies as a vacation retreat just as Cleveland is brought up as the butt of bad jokes.  But no joke here, Aspen is absolutely beautiful! The social vibe is akin to the sweet happiness of wine tasting country.  You don't have to be a skier to Love Aspen! 

Salida made this list!  Perhaps a surprise, but this white water rapids adventure town seems perfect for novices like myself.  Just get away, Salida; Your Exit from the City!

Vail is another awesome escape in Colorado.  Perhaps the Ski Trooper persuaded me list this town above others.  Other than the Rocky Balboa Icon in Philly, Ski Trooper ranks as my favorite Statue.  The walking streets and Swiss themed town does make this place quite unique.

You can't find an area anywhere around here to stabilize you below 10,000 feet.  This massive plateau with 14ers blasting high around you makes you forget how high you really are.  It is remote, but not such as in isolation.  Great summer escape, but afraid to know what winter would be like up here.

The highest incorporated city in the United States.  Around the corner from Twin Lakes and nearest town to Mt. Elbert, highest peak in Colorado.  It's not that Leadville is a must visit, rather it is a necessary one.

Well, if you're going to be in Colorado, at some point you have to stop through Denver.  I had purpose, family.  The city itself has a good vibe, good public transportation and it's a legit city for sure.  Perhaps the perfect escape from your outdoor escape.  Catch a little reality in Denver, then head back to the mountains.  That's what we did and I would do it again the same way, only next time, visit different mountains.

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  1. We did Estes Park when we were in Colorado. You list out some really great sounding spots above! Thanks!




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