Monday, January 22, 2018

Leadville - Highest Elevated City in the America - Turquoise Lake

Twin Peaks

Leadville - Elevation 10,200 Feet

Perhaps best known to be the highest incorporated city in the United States, we spent our second day over 10,000 feet by wander and rest.  Not much to this old town, can't say the coffee or food was very good, but did appreciate the hospitality of the safe haven.

Ayden's first revisit since his temporary splint was put on.  Only a week prior did he break his arm.  The question of how his arm would hold up on the Elbert ascent was uncertain.  The second opinion from the doctor was helpful, setting aside the concern to reordered confidence.

No parking issues here

Turquoise Lake

With time to spare, Turquoise Lake actually became our 4th one-mile+ hike of the day at over 10,000 feet.  I was excited by name for what shades and tints this lake would bring, however I was left feeling blue, and not by natural color.

I guess we were starting to get spoiled by Colorado's beauty and perhaps took this place for granted.  We could have driven further in, hiked longer, but the anxiousness of our anticipation for tomorrow began to thrill us.  We would soon leave this location, drive along some nicely maintained backroads, even over easy graded dirt, to reach a pull in spot by Mt. Elbert.  Our fifth hike of this day was the dusk eve of our focal journey of the trip.  You can read about that Hike Stalker report at: Mt. Elbert - Highest Peak in Colorado.

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