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Hikes of Oregon

Discover Oregon

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1. Mirror Lake Trail - Mt. Hood
(Lazy Hiker)

As I am writing this, the Mirror Lake Trail will be considered as my #1 Hike in the State of Oregon.  However, it is one of my least favorite destination and I don't plan to return here.  This place is overrated!  Located off a busy highway, the parking situation is less than desirable.  If you're in an RV bigger than 25 feet, good luck.  The hike itself is pretty cool though, through the pine forest with a gradual elevation gain.  For that, I give it a thumbs up and since I do not have many real hikes in Oregon, it's currently my #1 for that reason only.  Unfortunately, all the hoopla is on the lake and once there, it's just a dirty pond overpopulated with people like myself.  It does offer a nice view of Mt. Hood, just walk around to the back side of the lake and capture the view.  The trail continues past the lake, so as a climb hiker, it may be worth its while.  Not far from this trailhead is the PCT junction.  That would be one I would like to return to.  Also, there are many additional trails that look amazing, requiring a drive up a mountain dirt road; again not one I would take an RV on.  I'll certainly have to return to the area, and will need to Climb the Hood (highest peak in Oregon).

2. Multnomah Falls(Diaper Hiker)

There are no shortage of Waterfalls in Oregon.  Perhaps Multnomah ranks as the best.  This was our final stop along the Historic Columbia River Highway.  From Portland, you'll pass 20+ waterfalls and a dozen hiking options before reaching Multnomah.  It rains often here, and we used that to dampen our hiking spirits.  In this case, the upper trail was closed so we did have a viable excuse.  I would be interested in returning - let's climb to the top HikeStalker!

3. Wahkeenah Falls
(Diaper Hiker)

Slippery when wet, but that did not stop us.  My daughter had a broken arm but we hiked along the short paved trail in the rain to the very end.  Along the Historic Columbia River Highway, this was one of the hikes we chose.  So many to pick from, all very awesome, especially in the rain which added fuel to the falls!

4. Wildlike Safari
(Diaper Hiker)

I discovered this place during my quest to conquer all the Cleveland's across the United States.  Results like this is the very reason why I know that I am not wasting my time on Cleveland!  Drive on through this relatively unknown safari hiding just outside of Cleveland, Oregon.  Beware of the ostrich - if you go to close and stop, he will not let you pass!  This for sure is a great time and I would call it a must stop if you are driving from California to Washington.  It's just off the 5 and not too much in the way of advertising about it.  Luckily, you saw it here - and you are welcome!

5. Sheppard's Dell
(Diaper Hiker)

Here's another easy trail in the Columbia River area.  I mention in this post a longer trail called the Bridal Trail, which may be more interesting.  We didn't invest a whole lot of time on any one specific location.  We were just so excited to get out of the car, run to the waterfalls and back.  So many selections, Sheppard's Dell was not as amazing as some of the others, yet it's one worth visiting if you have the time.

6. Latourell Falls
(Diaper Hiker)

Another massive waterfall along the Columbia Scenic Route - Oregon Scenic Byway.  This post explains our entrance to the highway, from Troutdale to Corbet and passing the Crown Point Vista House, which I believe that I have seen in a movie before.  This post shares a half dozen different waterfalls that we did not get out and walk on, but were clearly visible from the side of the road, so have your camera ready!

7. Pioneer Square & Waterfront Park
(Diaper Hiker)

Welcome to Downtown Portland.  The walk along the waterfront can be converted to a bike ride.  This area offered nice views and was mostly clean.  We continued our wander to Pioneer Square, which is set up as a tourist attraction but does encounter several of Portland's less fortunate, the homeless.  I would upgrade our travel experience as a Lazy Hiker, due to the time and mileage we put into it.  However, all diapers are invited and you can go where you want to go.  If passing through Portland, get out and hike a little.

8. Salem & Eugene
(Diaper Hiker)

Caution, I would not bring Diapers, young children, to Eugene.  We hiked around their downtown and it was a congested scene on narrow streets of body odor.  I'm glad that I made the visit though to gain this perspective, and it was at night so the tensions were elevated.  It was an odd party type atmosphere, not one that I would want my college child to attend.  Forget the Pac 10 or 12 or whatever you are, find yourself a nice Big 10 School!  Although, we did visit Oregon U and Oregon State in Corvallis during this post, and the campuses themselves were nice.  We also hit up the state capital of Salem.  We didn't find any witches but we did walk through a farmers market.  Overall, these destinations are Not must visits.  Plenty of wild wonder in Oregon, but that was lacking here.

9. Portland State University
(Diaper Hiker)

It's always interesting when you discover new neighborhoods, or in this case, a college campus.  Much different that the scene in Eugene which seemed wicked - The play Wicked was performing at the theater here, I just remembered that as I thought of a word comparison.  I also just saw that third Maze Runner movie, where they fight Wicked.  Okay, enough - the Portland State area is just another way to enjoy Portland.  Interesting architecture and churches around here.  Different, humbling and safe feeling - suppose you should visit for your own better description.


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