Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hikes of Montana

Discover Montana

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1. Pintler Scenic Route
(Lazy Hiker)

From Missoula Montana, we chose the Pintler Scenic Route for our off-highway travel.  Enroute to Yellowstone, it only makes sense to view as much as possible.  This is our vacation, and experience to last a lifetime!  We traveled through and into the small village of Philipsburg, then to Georgetown Lake, past Anaconda (no snakes), and finally shut down the RV at Lost Creek State Park to go on our Lazy Hike.  We were the only humans in the area.  It was spring break, but hadn't quite broken the winter fear away.  The campgrounds here were closed, so we hiked down the road, past the sites, then a few steps on the dirt trail, a waterfall appeared.  Now I am certain there are more fascinating places to visit in Montana.  I need to request those fellow HikeStalkers to invite me places!

2. Missouri Headwaters State Park
(Diaper Hiker)

I was and still am fascinated by this place.  It's the source of the mighty Missouri River.  It's a confluence of three rivers merging as one, hence the Missouri.  In fact, if you trail your finger along the longest waterway, you'll see it to be long than the grand Mississippi.  There is Indian history here, which named the river differently.  It was a fun research, off-blog.  More recently, my wife and I watched one of those unsolved mystery type shows and I guess there was once one of those murders here.  Chilling for a second, but you can't hardly walk anywhere these days where man has done something wrong to disrupt life.  I'll take my chances, explore more and next time I see a movie, I can hope to say, yay, I've been there.  If not, I am a HikeStalker and it is my destiny to trek it down!

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