Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cleveland Indians versus LA Angels: John Adams a Hero!

It was roughly 6:00pm yesterday and I was driving home from my hike in Malibu.  Then it dawned on me, the Indians were playing the Angels.  The game was being played in Cleveland so it should be on right now!  I quickly scrolled through the AM stations and I heard an announcer say, "...The throw back to Albert Pujols..."

You'd think after living in Cali for 10+ years I would know the stations by now, but I don't.  Judging by the time, the game should be in the late innings.  There was a pitch but no drum noise in the back.  I began to wonder if good old John Adams was still around beating the drums like he always has for the last half century.  Then the broadcasters announced that there were only 13,000 fans in attendance tonight, which was pathetic because it was a Friday night.  As I was thinking it, the announcers recalled the era when Cleveland sold out over 450 straight games from the mid 1990's to 2001.  I smiled, reminisced about how great that team was. 

"Cunningham grounded to Second", great, a double play ball, "only one play to first, Kotchman moves to second".  Okay, who are these people?  Doesn't matter, the announcer said Brantley was at the plate and then the thuds of the drums began to beat.  <~Boom  <~Boom  <~Boom  <~Boom...  I jerked a tear.  John Adams is alive and well pounding away as the Indians were down 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th.  All 13,000 fans on their feet and I could hear each one of them as I was driving down the PCH. 

Brantly hits the ball to deep center; it's a double and Kotchman ties the game!  The fans go nuts, John Adams beats those drums and I am in tears!

--This was the first action that I've heard or seen all season.  The Tribe is now 10-9 and in first place in their division.  I arrived home and missed the 9th inning.  I don't get Fox Sports so I couldn't watch it on TV.  I checked later in the evening and discovered that the Indians won the game in the 9th inning with a walk off single.  Of course, I just came back from hiking today and see that the Angels beat the Tribe by a score of 2-1.

All this got me thinking.  If Cleveland were to ever win a Championship, which sport would I enjoy it in the most.  Although Football is by far my favorite, I would have to say Baseball.  The reason why is because it is long and drawn out.  If you are heartfelt like I am, Baseball is the sport to absorb all the emotions.  Imagine each pitch, the joy in counting down to your victory, to your championship, to your fulfillment!  Um, well, that did happen in 1997 but then Jose Mesa blew it in the 9th and then in extra innings of Game 7, Florida destroyed that dream.

Bottom line, I want to come out to Cleveland later this year to take my son to a game.  I hope he can feel my Joy by feeling the sound of John Adams drums ...  John Adams.  Hey, remember this post.  I just got an idea!  Yes... John Adams.  ***I'll be back later to update some hiking.  I've done some great trails and I have a high ankle sprain.  I will post those next time.  For now, I need to find a way to contact John Adams!!!

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