Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 495: Jeusit Trail to Stevens Park

A Natural Dog's Water Dish

Day #495 * Hike #558 * New Track #496
Saturday March 24, 2012
Jesusit Trail to Stevens Park - Santa Barbara, California

My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 3 Miles * +375 Feet

 Oops, drove too far...

Follow the Driving Instructions from Day 434: Jesusit & Arroyo Burro Trails
The picture above represents the reservoir just up the road from the trailhead.  I purposely drove up here in effort to find another way into the trail system.  Negative, unless you are a property owner here, no other way to enter the wilderness...

Sammi at the Trailhead

 At the bottom of the first hill, a fork...

I veered left.  My intention was to follow the Jesusit Trail all the way to the top today but I forgot which way I went last time.  Needless to say, this was my second time hiking this area and for the second time, I did not follow the Jesusit Trail!

 Rather than turn back, lets make it a hike!

 Cross a creek

 Cross an open dam area and then keep on the trail...

 Great jogging route on an overcast day...

Following Sammi's lead...

 Where am I?

 This leads out to a Park!

 Stevens Park

 Exploring the area before turning back

 A birds nest

Crossing the dam area on the way back

Cool area.  I will return to finally hike the Jesusit Trail...

Day #496 * Hike #559 * New Track #497
Sunday March 25, 2012
Beach near La Conchita - Ventura County, California

My Tripometer: 30 minutes * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

It rained all day!  It was a good day to work in the condo and I got a lot done but I had to find a way to get a hike in.  I was hoping for some good waves and/or a break in the constant rain.  Negative; just a soggy miserable day.  I brought the camera just in case La Conchita decided to have another mudslide.  Good thing it didn't and I left the camera in the car because no point in getting it soaking wet for an ordinary beach with not much going on.  The only thing is, you have to park your car on the 101 and then jump the wall to reach the beach below...

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