Monday, April 9, 2012

Track #508: Multnomah Falls - Oneota George - Ainsworth State Park

Multnomah Falls
Day #505 * Hike #574 * New Track #508
Tuesday April 3, 2012
Multnomah Falls - Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon
Oneota Gorge
Ainsworth State Park
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +50 Feet

The conclusion of my visit to the Columbia River Gorge.  Without a doubt, I will return to explore further, including Mt. Hood.  But for now, enjoy the pics...

 Both Kids bundled up for this one!


 Lower Falls

 Upper Falls

Due to the heavy rain, the trail up was blocked off.  That being said, we saw a guy walk across the bridge but with two young kids and one being in a cast, we turned around.  My understanding is that the trail up climbs about 650 feet and I assume that there are miles of trails to connect to  Wahkeena Falls and Oneonta Falls.  Instead, we traveled down river to cross under the freeway...

 Water is just pouring off the mountain everywhere!

Come by Train 

 From a distance; don't go Bette Midler on me!

We jumped back in the car after this and continued up the road.  Next stop:

 Oneonta Gorge

 According to the map, you may hike back a mile to reach the falls

 ...or you could drive a bit further to see these from the car...

 Horsetail Falls

 Muddy Trails

I went alone for a moment and turned back.  We still have lots to do today and this whole section of the trip was completely unexpected.  In total, this area set up back several hours but it was well worth it!

 Ainsworth State Park (further up the road)

 Near Dodson, exit 35 from I-84

 Looking back on the Columbia from a view point

Back on the freeway and onward to Kelso and St. Helens...

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