Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Track # 504: Portland State University - The Old Church

The Old Church at Portland State University

Day #504 * Hike #570 * New Track #504
Monday April 2, 2012
Portland State University - Portland, Oregon
The Old Church
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2 Miles * +75 Feet

 Just driving by, seemed like a cool place for a hike

 Free random adventures for the kids

 Frisbee Football and Soccer - Alyssa wanted to play!

 Scenic walking - Very Pleasant

Ira Keller Fountain (Dry)

We called it an early night.  Today was meant to begin with a morning buffet in Vegas, airport travel and dinner in Portland but come to find out Spirit Airlines changed our plans.  Instead of the flight leaving Vegas at 3:30 pm, it left at 11:00am.  We would also have to contend with a 4-hour change on the way home!  I tried to change the flight but the company wanted to charge me $800!!  Are you crazy!! 

Spirit Airlines is HORRIBLE.  Although, they are the cheapest way to fly; if you aren't bringing any luggage.  We condensed our bags into oversize free personal items (gotta way with it) and one 40-pound check in bag for like $50.  Most airline allow 50 pounds so it was a struggle condensing - condensing.

The worst part of the Spirit experience is the seating.  Literally, you are sitting in an old gray seat and you have about as much room in this seat as you would in the back of a Ford Mustang.  **This was my second attempt to fly Spirit.  If you recall, my Vegas Trip last year was my first when Spirit left without my family.  I decided to drive on that trip instead and fought for the credit.  I applied that credit to this trip.  All in all, I guess if you are paying attention, this is not a bad deal.  I spent about $400 for a family of four to fly round trip from Vegas to Portland.  Hey, we made it a vacation and it all worked out! 

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