Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 509: Searching for Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens

Day #509 * Hike #585 * New Track #519
Saturday April 7, 2012
Fife High School - Somewhere in Washington State
My Tripometer: 0.5 Hours * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

 Random Museum Found

 Mount Rainier

I hiked around Fife High School and Columbia Jr. High for a good thirty minutes.  My goal was to capture a good view of Mount Rainier.  The sky was clear and the mountain was beautiful.  This is the best picture that came out.  Not so great, I'll need to return.  **I can't imagine hiking this 14,000 foot snow ball.  Insane!

***The day continues.  We drove to Tacoma.  We hiked around for twenty minutes or so, but it was not long enough to be considered a hike.  Some pics:

 Tacoma Dome


Day #509 * Hike #586 * New Track #520
Saturday April 7, 2012
Searching for Mount Saint Helens

My Tripometer: 0.5 Hours * 1 Mile * +50 Feet

 Mount Saint Helens

It's amazing that this 8,000 foot snow rock once stood nearly as tall as Mount Rainier.  The views from the freeway were great so I took some random exit and drove down a dead end road for a hike.  I believe the road was called Bill Creek.  It said do not trespass, but I couldn't resist.

 Dudes on a boat, I felt like I was in the movie Deliverance

 Neat hidden place.  I marked my mile here!

Back in the car, I searched for a better shot of the Volcano.  We took the Vader Toledo exit.  Drove around and took these shots:

I remember searching for a park, called something like Paradise or something?  We saw a brown sign off the freeway and it said it was only a mile down the road.  Needless to say, we never found it but we found a good view nevertheless.

Day #509 * Hike #587 * Duplicate Track
Saturday April 7, 2012
Las Vegas

My Tripometer: 4 Hours * 3 Mile * +100 Feet

Later that day, we flew back to Vegas and rather than just drive home, we walked around, ate some dinner and watched some free shows.  We hiked these same streets last year so the hike is a duplicate...

Vacation is finally over!  I think I drove in my sleep.  All and all, we had an amazing time and I am excited to make plans to visit the Pacific Northwest again.  Next time, there will be more legit hiking!

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  1. Hi Jeremy, I’m not familiar with Los Padres. You have some ambitious goals. Thanks for sharing your adventures. BTW, blogspot makes it so difficult to communicate with others aside from leaving comments on a specific blog post, which my not have anything to do with the comments.
    My best!
    - Dan Simpson




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