Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 505: Latourell Falls - Historic Columbia River Highway - Crown Point Vista House

Latourell Falls

Day #505 * Hike #571 * New Track #505
Tuesday April 3, 2012
Latourell Falls - Troutdale to Corbett, Oregon
Historic Columbia River Highway
Women's Forum Overlook
Crown Point Vista House
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +75 Feet

 Welcome to Troutdale on a very rainy day!

From Portland, Oregon, follow the 84 Freeway East about 16 miles from City Center.  Take exit 17 and follow signs to Troutdale.  This will put you on Historic Route 30.  Follow the road and enjoy the show.

 first waterfall on the left

Ok, not so impressive, but the area was cool.  We learned about this scenic route from our random stop in at the Visitor Center yesterday at Portland's Pioneer Square.  The lady said we could drive the route and view the falls from the car.  She said there would be many hiking opportunities as well, but nothing found here...

 okay, another trickle of water.  Cool...

 Hmm, I didn't get out of the car for this one either...

 A little bit nicer.  In the rain, I walked around a bit

 Getting better,,,  Cool scenic drive for sure!

 I walked off the road to catch this one.  Still raining constantly

 Pretty Trees

 Women's Forum Overlook

This is a good spot to park the car and walk around.  Views from many directions.  I took care of my camera in the rain, wiping it constantly as I got drenched.  All this and I only decided to use this one picture above.  It was foggy but we had just enough visibility to get the job done.  So far, loving this route!

 Don't worry, this wasn't my car - Drive Carefully in the Rain!!!

 Views at the Crown Point Vista House

 The Road goes lower from here into the thick of the wet wild

Finally, the Latourell Falls Trailhead

 We didn't climb this trail - follow the lower trail...

 Now we/re talkin!

 Only Ayden joined me on this one



The trail continued further.  We trekked it a bit but figured that we should get back to Jess and Alyssa.  Sissy couldn't really go out in this because of her cast.  The bridge is no more than a quarter mile from the car parking..  All and all, I figured I trekked just over a mile in total at this point today.  We ran back to the car, blasted the heat and the day would continue...

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