Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 528: Arroyo Sequit - Muholland Highway & Decker

Off of Mulholland Hwy between Decker and PCH

Day #528 * Hike #607 * New Track #529
Thursday April 26, 2012
Arroyo Sequit - Malibu, CA
Santa Monica Mountains
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.25 Miles * +450 Feet

From the 101 in Thousand Oaks, exit Westlake Blvd (the 23) and head south towards Malibu.  The 23 becomes a very windy nauseous road.  At the stop sign 7.0 miles from the 101 (intersection of Decker and Mulholland Highway), turn right on Mulholland Highway.  Continue on Mulholland for 1.8 miles and look for the small parking lot on the left just before the street swerves to the right.  The address out front is 34138 Mulholland Highway, Malibu CA 90265.

 The Trailhead, follow the paved road for about a quarter mile

 views off to the right

 Stay left on the paved road.  The loop trail will end back here

 Stargazing at night?

 Turn right of the grassy road here

 Some up and downs take you to this

 Switchback lower

 get your feet wet to the left to pickup the trail again

 Climbing back out will lead you to a T-Junction

I was excited to check out this trail today because I read online that there was a waterfall.  Well, I didn't see any waterfall?  For the most part, the trail was pretty gentle.  There was some rain earlier today but the conditions were pretty good.  There was some overgrowth but really no big deal until you reach the creek.  It was impossible avoiding soaking the feet so I just slushed my way through it.  The sludging only lasted about 20 feet and then the trail reappeared clearly on the left.  Eventually, you end up at the sign above.  I figured that turning right would be the way back to the car, so I chose left first.  No more than a tenth of a mile up, this trail leads out to an abandoned street.  No big deal, turn around and head back up the incline to the grassy flat...

The satellites
You will see these dishes frequently throughout your visit.  The best picture came out near the end of the journey.  Overall, very easy trail and you can bring the dogs and young kids.  You can always turnaround at the creek if you want to avoid soaking the feet.

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