Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 745: Riverwalk - Carolina Thread Trail - Rock Hill, SC - Catawba River - Piedmont Medical Center Trail

Dude, this shot was way cool...

Day #745 * Hike #913 * New Track #720
Friday November 30, 2012
Riverwalk - Carolina Thread Trail - Rock Hill, SC

Catawba River - Piedmont Medical Center Trail
My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 4.75 Miles * +75 Feet

From I-77 in Rock Hill, take exit 82 and head Northeast on Route 21, Cherry Rd.  Turn right on Dunkins Ferry Road and left on Terrace Park.  At the end of Terrace Park turn left and find a parking space on the street.  The Trailhead begins here along the Catawba River.

 Easy going trail

 Ayden is King fanning himself with a large leaf

 Feel like swinging around like Tarzan?

 The Roaring Catawba River

 3/4's of a mile in; just getting warmed up

 Trail junction, we continue down the paved path

 spooky trees

 It's a bird bath

 Say hi to Alyssa - nearly sunset


 The Fifth Bridge

 We'll see about that

 2.25 Miles to the end

 Under the Norfolk Southern

 2 Spiders Mating

He looks like a raisin

We turned around and began jogging the 2.25 mile trip back.  With Ayden's big run tomorrow I did not want him to get too wasted so I lifted him up on my shoulders for the journey.  About a half mile in, I felt spent.  Fortunately a park ranger was driving by in his golf cart.  It was already solid dark outside and he agreed to escort Ayden the rest of the way.  For the final mile, I sprinted to keep him in sight.  We essentially arrived back to our car at the same time.  Meanwhile, Jess and Alyssa finished a couple of minutes later.  For all I know, I just ran my fastest mile ever.  It was quick.

This was a cool, random spot to visit.  Free and Good Times.  New Track #720 is complete and in the books... 

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