Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 748: Daytona Beach - Manatee Island Park - New Smyrna Beach

 Finally made it to I-95: Heading South!

 It was a nonstop ride through the not so peachy state...

 Entered Florida and the rain was coming down!

 Bypassing Jacksonville...

Day #748 * Hike #924 * New Track #730
Monday December 3, 2012
Ormond Beach - Daytona Beach, Florida
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +0 Feet
 Ormond Beach - High Tide

Ormond Beach is just north of Daytona Beach and it is here where you can begin driving your vehicle on the beach.  However, it was high tide so we parked the car and began walking around.

 Ormond Beach from the top floor of the Time Share Tour

We were approached by a guy who sold us on taking a 90 minute tour.  Since we did not ride bikes in Hilton Head like I originally planned, we had 90 minutes to kill which would allow the tides to lower and then drive on the beach.  We received lunch, $100, $50 in dining credits and - no, we did not buy a time share.  While Jess and I took our tour...

...Alyssa and Ayden played mini golf, video games, ping pong, pool and I believe they took their own tour.  So, not a bad little come up during a moderately expensive vacation.  Finally, after several hours in Ormond Beach, we took to the sand and drove to Daytona Beach...

Day #748 * Hike #925 * New Track #731
Monday December 3, 2012
Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach, Florida
My Tripometer: 2.25 Hours * 2 Miles * +25 Feet

This time of year driving on the sand is free.  Eventually we stopped and made a hike of it...

 The kids said the water was cold...

I would love to bring them back in the summer months when this water feels luke warm.  I've experienced it but they have no idea.  In their mind, all ocean water feels like the cold Pacific...

 End of the Road

 Took to the streets

 Confirmed, we are in Daytona...

 Reminds me of M&M World in Vegas
(So many flavors!)

 Not much going on out here - Reminds me of Ohio...

 Walking on the pier

 If you say so.  Where is everybody?

Before and After Motorcycle Photos...
Day #748 * Hike #926 * New Track #732
Monday December 3, 2012
Manatee Island Park - Daytona Beach, Florida
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1 Mile * +0 Feet

On our way out of Daytona, we randomly came across this place...

 Dr. Josie Rogers House

 A walking Bridge behind her house...

 Leads to Manatee Island Park

 The kids played while I walked the short lap around the island

 A fishing dock...

 We did not see any Manatees (but will later in the trip)

 Looking out to Daytona

 Shrimp Bait

 Ayden does not hesitate to talk to strangers who are fishing...

 I snapped this shot from 200 feet out...

 Wild Life

 They said it was a sold out show.  Ladies and Gentlemen...

Back on the road, we began following this motorcycle.  Really, two tires wrapped around your body?  Too funny.  He must have figured that I was following him and as a result, he entered a parking lot, jumped a curb and turn down another street.  At least I got a fuzzy picture of him :)

Day #748 * Hike #927 * New Track #733
Monday December 3, 2012
The Daytona 500 - Daytona Beach, Florida
Daytona International Speedway
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +100 Feet

The elevation of this hike came from running up and down the bleachers...

We arrived at the race track just as they were closing.  It was too late to take a tour however the guys were nice enough to let us in.  It's just as well.  We save around $100 for the family of four.  However, we did not actually get to go out on the track.  Overall, fair deal.  I'll take the settlement and the experience.  At least we made it here...

Day #748 * Hike #928 * New Track #734
Monday December 3, 2012
New Smyrna Beach 
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 1 Mile * +0 Feet

 Hiking down Flagler Ave. to The Breakers

We randomly drove around without taking I-95.  Our plan was to head south of Daytona to climb the tallest lighthouse in Florida.  However, it was getting late and figured that it would be closed.  Traffic was bad on the main roads in Daytona.  It was quite annoying.  Eventually, we drove into a small unique town with a cool main street and from their, drove across a bridge and wound up here.

 Flagler Ave.

Not much going on down here.  We stepped out to the beach but with the wind picking up and the sun vanishing, it was cold and we were hungry.  We ate at the Breakers.  They advertised 18 Burgers so I sunk my teeth into one of them.  The place reminded me of place located at the end of Hollywood Beach in Oxnard.  I can't recall the name of it but it had the same local feel.  However, The Breakers was bigger and the food was pretty good, or was I just real hungry?

After dinner, we walked around town a bit more to call it a hike.  I'm satisfied and now it's time to hit the road...

 Ayden flipping in Fort Pierce
We drove all the way to Fort Pierce that night.  Figuring that South Beach was only about 2 hours from here, tomorrow should be an easy driving day...


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