Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 752: Panhandle Pioneer Settlement - Sam Atkins Park - Florida Trail - Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail Boardwalk

Day #752 * Hike #942* New Track #748
Friday December 7, 2012
Panhandle Pioneer Settlement - Blountstown, Florida
Sam Atkins Park -
Florida Trail - Heritage Trail
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +0 Feet

Heading west on State Route 20, I saw a sign and followed it to the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement.  This hidden hideaway was closed, but that did not stop me from exploring...

I walked through the leaves, caught this pic, and then discovered a trail...

Jess and the kids remained in the car and I did not expect to find this.  Hmm, let's go for a run...

I ran hard and fast off the bouncy boardwalk surface.  It was actually a bit creepy because it sounded like someone was following me.  The dirt from the walkway was shifting with my hard pouncing and in between the cracks which created a rustling sound.  I stopped, dead silence, and then continued.  The boardwalk was at least a quarter of a mile long and it lead out to this park...

 The kids, I better get back...


There are nearly a dozen well known National Scenic Trails across the United States.  I remember researching them before starting my adventure.  The one closest to me is the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  Probably the most popular trail is the Appalachian Trail.  If I recall, there is a Great Lakes Trail, Discovery Trail, Rocky Mountain Trail and, the Florida Trail.  Here I am, I did it.  We intercepted this trail in Calhoun County.  It was a creepy area with jail workers picking up trash.  Meanwhile, my family remained in the car while I explored...

I ran around the paved trail beyond the trees seen in the pic above.  Knowing this route would go on for 1400 miles, I turned around to make sure my family was safe.  I just Googled this trail and it states that the trail begins at Big Cypress National Preserve.  Well heck, I was just there a couple of days before ago...

It was just a random pit-stop
Next stop; Panama City...

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