Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 749: Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park - Lighthouse - Key Biscayne - Crandon Park - Rickenbacker Causeway

Bill Baggs: A quick escape from the chaos of Miami!

Day #749 * Hike #930 * New Track #736
Tuesday December 4, 2012
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park - Lighthouse
Key Biscayne - Crandon Park
Rickenbacker Causeway
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.75 Miles * +0 Feet

 Welcome to Florida

Take I-95 South to nearly the end and take exit 1, Route 913; Rickenbacker Causeway.  Pay the $1.50 toll and drive over the long bridge and through the village of Key Biscayne.  Continue straight all the way to the end until you reach Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park...

 Pay $8.00 at the gate: Bummer :(

We drove all the way to the end and ended up here.  There were no people or beaches around in this part.

If you follow this path around to the left for a half mile you will meet up at another parking area where there is a beach and a lighthouse...

 Jess walks to the beach with the kids

 I take pictures of birds

 ...more birds...

 Lighthouse Tour!

 Restoration Hardware

 Cool, the tour is free for me today...

The lighthouse was separated by a fence so I had to jog back out and around to reunite with my wife and kids...

We came here for the warm, calm waters.  I read up on it and there is a reef about a mile off shore which knocks down most of the waves.  With Alyssa's broken arm, she was finally able to go in the water past her knees.  She found a floating coconut.

 Are those caterpillars in the sand?

 Jess in front of the lighthouse


We began to drive back out to Miami, South Beach to be specific.  Along the way we passed Crandon Park.  There was a huge parking areas which suggests that this spot is a happening location in the summer months.  It's on the free side of the $8.00 Bill Baggs area so I imagine more people will park here and then pedal to Braggs if they really wanted to.  We saw some school buses and identified a nature trail but after a brief walk on the trail, I turned back and decided that Crandon would not be New Track #737.  Stay Tuned for where Lebron decided to leave us Clevelanders for.  Honestly folks, the Flats back in the day was more party friendly than South Beach, but that's just my opinion...

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