Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 750: Sunshine Skyway Bridge - St. Petersburg - Derby Lane - Greyhound Racing

Day #750 * Hike #936* New Track #742
Wednesday December 5, 2012
Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Derby Lane - Greyhound Racing - St. Petersburg, Floria
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +0 Feet

 The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

We were driving North on I-275 and before crossing the bridge, we pulled off at the rest area.  Alyssa was doing a report on bridges and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was on her list.  After exploring around the visitor center and the water below, we drove across the bridge and then pulled off to the fishing pier on the other side.  When the attendant asked us for $7.??, we made a quick U-Turn.

We took several pictures but just like the old camera, night vision in Auto mode does not work very well.  --  Running low on gas, we traveled through some real bad neighborhoods in St. Pete.  We finally found a Sunoco and more then half the pumps were bagged, out of order.  There was gang graffiti and thugs every where.  I overheard one guy talking about killing a guy...

We escaped the scene without any conflict and then ended up at...

 Let's Go To The Races!!!
There were no more than 20 people wagering on the dogs this night.  I think this place stays in business from the Poker Room, which we did not go to...
 Handicapping the Dogs, visually...

I have years of harness racing handicapping experience.  Rather than calculate the variables in the program, the kids and I analyzed the horses, I mean dogs.  Jess kept getting mad because I was calling them horses.  It's been over 10 years since I was a professional losing handicapper, and being back in the scene was like a quick flashback.  In any event, it was more phone watching the dogs poop, stand tall, jog and etc.  We came up with a system and the end result was...

 We Hit the Trifecta!!!!

We only wagered about $6.00 a race and after just a few races, my $1.00 Trifecta 3 over the 1-6-8 came in!!!  Since we all loved the 3, we keyed him to come first and then picked our next three favorite horses to finish in 2nd and 3rd.  This gives you six total combinations, hence the $6.00 bet.  Of course, we only win half of the $2.00 straight bet, but it was all for fun and still a nice come up!

And They're Off!

I guess I am lazy to not figure how to use my camera right.  No, I was not going for this ghostly effect and Yes, I took Photography in High School.  But ask me how much attention I paid in school...

In between the races Ayden and Alyssa sprinted in they're own derby's.  Alyssa always won!  Anyhow, my accumulative mileage in St. Pete that night was more like 2 miles.  I am satisfied with calling these two locations my New Track #742.  I am outside hiking and exploring.  Yes, hiking on concrete is still a hike, as long as you are moving, it counts!  Better than chilling at a movie or whatever...

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